SAFE Crossroads Podcast #6 OFFICIAL UPDATE, interview with Nick Lambert

Alright folks, here it is.

Aside from listening to a great interview, get on Twitter and follow, tweet, re-tweet and repeat. Spread the love. Time to start getting the word out more broadly on this one.


Thanks again, enjoyed the interview, and for me I started to put together the terminology of the components of the network. I think these people are geniuses whom code and maidsafe and deserve credit like at the end of a movie on the client. To be forever remembered!!


I loved @nicklambert 's friendly jab at @BenMS talking about chocolate and ice cream haha. What a great group of people, I loved Bens interview and Nicks is equally good and really does mark a milestone in the teams progress. It sounds like there is a lot of work ahead but soon enough even the laymen will have something shiny to play with. Great interview John!


Dead chuffed that my wee database of the family cars got a mention :slight_smile:

I’m expecting the scrappie round with his truck tomorrow so I’ll need to delete one record.


Great interview John, your style is very easy to listen to and at the same time you really get the detail in such a nice way. One of the best things happened in SAFE so far, very cool and I especially like the calm relaxed manner describing potentially world changing tech. Makes it so much more powerful as message. “Strong words softly spoken”


Sorry @Southside, I didn’t mean to single you out! I think you are one of the most entertaining posters on the forum, particularly when you talk about blobs!

I wouldn’t worry about it - I feel particularly un-singled… :smile:

Mind you, the wife has just commented very cruelly on my blob-like resemblance
“lazy blob sat in front of that bloody computer”

Blobs have feelings too - further sob :cry:


Nice one! The SAFE Crossroads Podcast actually brought me into the SAFE network universe!

@fergish: Thanks for that great Podcast!

@nicklambert: would be interested to get more involved: Where/when will you give the open source developer community more hints of how developers can contribute in the next steps? I follow this forum and the dev mailing list, also had a look at your Jira Dashboard. I would appreciate to get more details (how do you or will you integrate more community devs? where to go? who to contact? general process etc…)


Excellent @mabe, we’ll be publishing more details on the blog and forum next week, there are a couple of final details we need to sort out first. It’s great to have you on board!


@nicklambert Have you looked at a website like where you can add challenges for people to help out coding the project?

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I hadn’t, but it does look interesting. There are quite a few bounty/competition sites out there and I tend to prefer ones that accept bitcoin, so if we are putting up small bounties we don’t lose a lot of money in fees. I am keen that we roll this process out ourselves first so that as it grows we will no more about how to run competitions before/if handing over to a third party