SAFE Network Community YouTube channel

Hi guys,

I decided to give YouTube a try, to see what would happen.

Despite all the copyright claims and apart from maybe a few advertisements, my video’s seem to be holding up.

I named the channel: SAFE Community. If there are more unofficial fan-video’s people would like to share, be sure to give me a heads up and to send me (a link to) the video-file. :+1:

Oh, and…SUBSCRIBE! :wink:


Good idea. What do you think about using “Safe Network Community” over "Safe Community. I think its good we have some continuity over which names we use. Could cause confusion.


Hmhmm when posting on reddit I always use safenetwork as single word because if you search for it with Google or similar you immediately get only the right results (in contrast to searching for safe or safe network as two words)


You’re probably right. Good point. It wil probably take a few hours before it’s visible, but I changed it to ‘SAFE Network Community’


Do I get something safecoins?

Cool.You can spread your ideas around.

Great idea!
Has anyone heard of the decentralized video sharing network DTube? Apparently people are making more money there than on YouTube!:

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