SAFE Applications for the People by the People

The SAFE network could give birth to living decentralized
applications. These applications could be created in such a way where ownership of
these applications are assigned to the users of these applications. Because ownership
is spread out to all of its users, no one person or group would be able to shutdown
or update the code of these applications. Democracy could be hardwired into these
applications to ensure that all decisions regarding these applications would have
to be voted on and passed by a predetermined quorum of the owners of these applications.
This would usher in a new generation of self-sustaining living decentralized applications that are for
the people by the people.


Could these localised applications come about through a white-label type of structure to reduce the time/cost of development (in Safecoin) ? I’m trying (and struggling) to see/understand the economics of how this becomes a reality.

My current thought is…encourage enough people (How many?) locally to provide resource,resourcefulness (farming) to the network, then pool together/co-op earned Safecoin (over time)…invest in the development (White Label?) of local applications that enhance privacy, security and quality of life. Is this near the mark,or is my thinking way off?



I like the OPs model. I think Pop Corn Time is an example is something moving in that direction.

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