SAFE and Mesh Networking

I am a HUGE supporter of getting away from centralized data transport, ISP’s are unreliable and often enough don’t provide a useful backbone to end users.

I have done a lot of research online about mesh networks that are popping up everywhere out of concern for privacy, usability, neutrality, and sheer necessity…

I am curious, how would SAFE perform on a closed mesh network (No relay to the rest of the “Internet”)?

This is all food for thought, but I am very interested in a world where instead of paying an ISP to do all the work AND trusting them not to screw us… we all have a hand in providing real P2P data transport via Wireless, Fiber, Coax, RJ45… whatever it takes.

I have a few friends who live on the same block as I do, we might try a P2P shared network on PRIVATE data transport.

I know my post is a jumbled mess of half written thoughts… a good thread has to start somewhere :slight_smile:
Thank you!


Thank you for the quote, that is very helpful as an addition to this theory.

Though, I’m looking for a more technical answer to all this… I would love to know if there is any need for a “Tracker” like in torrents etc… I know a little about a lot of stuff, but not a lot of anything.

I guess I am more interested in the idea of Data Transit, the pipes of the network, not the content in them.

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Hmmmm I think for that you can look at these updates and the part about routing

You could potentially setup a mesh network with friends, that’s SAFE Network specific, sorry I don’t know how I’m nontechnical.

You could setup cjdns and SAFE vaults on Raspberries, or similar devices, instead of having routers. That way SAFE would communicate and live only on your closed network. If you really wanna get 100% away from ISPs, the only way is through something like a Sneakernet, which is basically physically moving data around.

But to be honest, that’s not what SAFE was exactly made for, it’s more like a protected way to use ISPs, scuttlebutt is a protocol which is really suited for closed-off mesh networks.

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You are certainly not non-technical!

No I don’t think its true that SAFE is just a way to turn ISPs into right proper dumb pipes like they should be. My sense is David and SAFE have been thinking about hardware from before the beginning and David in partucular seems to have a open minded approach that is also no compromise. They are very serious about getting rid of the server as a point of failure.

And I’ve noticed that over time there is even an effort to get SAFE on IOT so its light enough for very light mesh.

Now to your point, personally, beyond LiFi and line of sight optical I am very interested to know if an interference based mesh can be made of the P-Cell tech but ad hoc and without the wired back haul. That way latency, proximity and bandwidth are solved- don’t have to license noise unless I am mistaken although I’ve seen efforts to give whitespace to cable TV- does that make any sense?

After that naturally interested in quantum communication- is there really a tachyonic un jamable instantaneous sub space that can make all of a decentralized SAFE net into a coherant compute unit… would such an approch be like finding the equivalent of SAFE latent in the fabric of seeming reality. Digital physics stipulates that the universe is akin to some sort of q computer or beyond even at the level we can access it at. And presently we find noise in the q channel, is that like encryption?

SAFE may face social hack by quantum AI learning machines, but in the mean time SAFE seems like hardware mesh could be built around it, reducing its routines to stateless hardwired hardware like Hertling’s fictional Avagadro Corp mesh boxes.

Its a civil rights issue, we have to cut the cord on both petrol and this stuff because its welfare barron toll roads for the rich. We have to evict these useless invasive bossy enslaving land lords before they make us into ubequivocal property.


Warren I wish I was technical codewise, I was hoping AI would code my apps, but we’re still at the human stage… But do programmers want to become obsolete?

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I know this is a non sequitur based on your clarification… but one overwhelming line of thought that makes this a fight for our very lives and a fight to the death is that censorship especially for-profit speech enclosure locks in the narrative of the wealthy (on the planet at this time) which is the masses are property. Allowing them to take our voice means we become property in practice and by definition. Converting the free speech bi directional or multi directional internet into a captured modal ad driven top down attention stealing mega phone would be the greatest harm imaginable. Its like handing some one intent on killing us all a loaded gun and endless ammunition. No ISP that is not a dumb pipe should be allowed to exist and since they are the server fallacy they shouldn’t exist anyway. We have to recognize that sponsorship (censorship) is crime.

No worse policy imaginable than sposored data. And this will be totalitarian stare censorship hiding behind the most useless kind of private profit. How is ISP profit ever relative when the highest profits produced the worst results. Should force them back into dumb pipe staus but also make the non profits as well to get the point across.

Yes … :wink:


If this:
Deepmind uses AI/ML to code through Github + Stackoverflow + AWS data.

Then that:
David’s voice “program datachains, after that create an adversarial network to optimize the SAFE Network”

Dream on clueless consuming eddy

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