Ripple fined.......AML

I found this quite an interesting development.


Looks like centralised coins are going to face alot of overhead. woow, I find it interesting no one went to Jail for the 2008 melt down, but Shrem went to Jail and it seems poor ripple is getting it.


And in related news

exchanges are under review too.

it will be interesting to see how they enforce these regulations and laws on decentralized exchanges and currencies. You can’t really fine “bitcoin”…lol!..and if there is no centralized exchange or company to go after it will be hard for these governments to try and shake down this new tech to help plug the holes caused by their own financial shenanigans! :smile:


That’s why I say “Long live [Bitsquare][1] & [Coinffeine TP][2]”

Poor Ripple