Bitshare DNS


“News” from April 2014 that seems to have never surfaced anywhere else. What did we miss?

I spoke briefly with Dan Larimer ain New York in a post maidsafe presentation (that went mental) and very hectic bunch of excited people. I like Dan, he is a decent guy and very smart. At that time there were people with stopwatches pushing folk away from me after they got 5 mins, it was pretty amazing and very bizaar.

Dan mentioned bitshares dns and I had said it was a discussion point for sure as we were looking at first come first served and similar approaches to public names and I would happily look at his proposals and designs. This is perhaps where the notion of no solid design comes from, but I think it’s the opposite we have two very clear options (as well as bitshares if the design was in fact 100% decentralised as all ours must be) and that is allow a single entity unique space (so one janitor and that’s gone) or multiple entities with the same name, but different id tokens (which is currently favoured), the latter more faceboook types where you can have many names the same, but with different underlying ID’s. In our case the ID’s will be separated in the namespace to avoid confusion/phishing etc… Neither of these is not solid or provably decentralised and correct.

So this is an “of course we will look at everything and work with anyone who allows us to reach our goal”, but it’s not we do not know what we are doing :slight_smile: I think the communique is a little misleading perhaps.

Dan has a feeling our economic model is ill thought out or not workable, I don’t tend to agree there as I think we seek input but have a pretty solid mechanism of reward that relies on nothing but maths and without judges. It’s easy to imagine it is great or flawed, but time will tell and economics is a strange area, too many variables and any expert should he a multi billionaire as far as I can see. Crypto has many poor economic experts which is a weird but enlightening thing :wink:

Our approach is look listen measure and move forward, not super fast, but hopefully super aware. This forum is a hugely important part as well as others like bitshares/bitcoin/ethereum and all the rest. I hope it will always be like this. Anyone looking to help and guide the project really needs to be here and inputting to the many debates and design discussions though.


Thank you for your reply