Resources Category

I am proposing a category for resources: with a title standard so to speak;

with a possibility to attach to a project

… a few ideas

I see those as “Off-topic” and “Projects” respectively.

Can you please elaborate more on the need for a resources category?

yes first one could be seen as “Off-topic”

though the second one has good reading about in this case: anonymous physical goods delivery systems. Though, rightfully could be a project; however, is it intended to be a project by @chrisfostertv

Therefore, if there was a resources category:

The “Auction system on ProjectSAFE” could be renamed to “Resource - Papers: Anonymous Physical Goods Delivery Systems”

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Generally, it seems like strategy might need clarifying. Currently, it has “community strategy, media, PR etc.” as a description but there’s already a “press” category.

I would vote for resources to just be a part of “strategy” and to adjust the description to be “community strategy and resources”. Maybe resources can be a subcategory of strategy too?