About the Apps category – please read before posting

This category is for existing and potential apps designed to run on the SAFE Network.
Forum members who are at trust level 1 may promote their crowdsale to fund their project in this category, providing they follow these rules:

  • Your project must be built to run on the SAFE Network.
  • You should have already done your due diligence as to how SAFE works by investigating the demo applications / APIs or contributing to the codebase.
  • Your initial post should make clear what your project is about and how the technology of SAFE is used to reach your goals.
  • You must make clear how the funds are secured (multisig/escrow?) and specify how you will spend the funds.
  • You must provide the full name of at least one of your core team members (with links to a social media account or website) to show people who you are.
  • You should provide a link to your project on GitHub or similar.
  • Being listed on this forum does not imply endorsement from MaidSafe (the company) or the SAFE Network community (the members of this forum). MaidSafe pays for this forum but it is run by community members and while you may list your project, no claims of endorsement by MaidSafe can be made without the company’s explicit permission.
  • The moderators/admins of this forum can only support projects on an individual basis. If any of the moderators/admins have a role related to the project (advisor, developer or other) this should be made clear in the OP of the topic.


  • Members should do their own due diligence before taking part in any crowdsale.
  • The moderators/admins/MaidSafe are not responsible for any outcome of any crowdsale.
  • Moderators can remove crowdsale topics that don’t apply to the rules stated above and will remove clear attempts to scam the members of this community.