Related projects, marketing and general perception

It seems to me many more or less obscure projects use the Safenet forum and the confidence it inspires to market their own business that doesn’t necessarily have much to do with SAFE. E.g. NVO, n99, Gamerbits. I actually first found out about Maidsafe while reading about NVO. I got burned by NVO, but I’m still glad I learned about Maidsafe in the process. The fact that the NVO token has actually risen in price since the crowdsale is not relevant.

I realize some very good people here are strong supporters of said projects. And who knows, maybe they’ll succeed despite amateurish websites, lacking communication and, in NVO’s case, some rather extreme language. But it still concerns me that this forum is used for such marketing. I’m not a big fan of strict moderation, but the quality of these side projects and their actions, or lack thereof, do affect the general perception of the SAFE project, even if they have their own Related Projects category in the forum.

I’m not calling for a ban or anything like that. I just think it wouldn’t hurt discussing this phenomenon a little bit. Any thoughts?


There’s definitely a balance to be struck. In the early days there were very few such projects, but with the ICO bubble and as SAFE gets nearer to completion and the API becomes more stable we will doubtless see more. We did redraw the rules after the NVO debacle, and projects who want to be listed under Apps (i.e. appear on the home page) must now demonstrate that SAFE is a key part of their plans. If they can’t, or if things change, then we will remove or recategorise them. We will also be more demanding that projects provide some sort of proof of identity and past history to weed out the scammers early on.


All really sensible measures to have taken, IMO.

Presumably, the requirement for proof of ID and past history only applies to project developers who are seeking financial support, etc?

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Yes, that’s right. Much less of an issue with projects that are not crowdsourcing.

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It’s not just about scammers. (I still don’t think NVO are pure scammers - just incompetent.)

Regarding proof of identity, I suggested here Gamerbits eSports Apps - #448 by Sascha that the Gamerbits team publish their real names on their website a few days ago. My post didn’t receive one single “heart” - just what I see as a brush-off reply from @Gamerbits.

The reason I started this topic in “Marketing” is that I think these other projects have an impact on how SAFE looks to the outside world.


That is not what was invested in.

As stated before, we don’t have that permission from everyone we work with. We have given everything we are allowed to, from day 1, on all our materials.

No amount of repeated asking can change that situation.

Extremely hostile, accusatory, entitled community at times. Only focusing on small negatives and having an overall unsupportive attitude. Not surprising that other projects don’t like to have a continued presence here (but we will remain, regardless of the accusatory demeanor, because of our agreements).

Is anyone following our many updates? We have released our MaidSafe App over ten days ago and nobody is focused on that

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wh00t i somehow missed the release of your app! -.-"

ps: i think you need to keep in mind this community has made quite bad experiences with other projects that promised they’d bring awesome stuff to the safe network …

pps: not a justification for rudeness … but maybe makes the frustration of some people easier to understand…

ppps: hmhmm i think the app doesn’t get displayed properly with peruse @Gamerbits (at least the linux version - latest self-compiled …) but i guess you developed with the safe browser so understandable the result is not necessarily the same :open_mouth: … anyway i personally like the dark layout :slight_smile: cool to see you’re on it and it’s evolving! =)

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So did I. It’s hard to follow these boys. Their website and forum are still broken, to be fixed “soon”. When people here try to help by pointing out broken links or missing information there is either no reaction at all or an offended reply two weeks later.