Programmers out there?

Hello all. I am a long time lurker / first time poster. Like a lot of you out there I am a staunch Maidsafe supporter and investor. I would like to contribute to the community, but unfortunately, due to lack of programming skills, I am relegated to a cheerleader role. The problem with that is I think I have some ideas that will contribute to the success of Maidsafe. So I have decided to reach out to the Maidsafe community of programmers/developers with this post. I would like to partner with, or agree to contract (paid in MAIDsafe) a programmer/SAFEpod to develop this idea. The idea I have is already existing on the web , and just needs to be tweaked using SafeCoins and implemented on the MaidSafe Network. Anyone interested on possibly partnering or earning some MAIDsafe tokens, let me know.


Hi @tomdif,

Welcome, its great to have non programmers, and cheer leading is not lower IMO. I’m an ex-programmer and do my bit in other ways. Anyway, don’t understimate the value you - or anyone still lurking! - contributes just by making yourselves aware of this project. It is truly distributed only through the number and diversity of people touched by it.

One suggestion: if you share more about your idea or why it inspires you etc it would enable others to connect to it more easily. Good luck! :slight_smile:


I’m a programmer, mainly C++. I’m currently hired by a company for other programming work, so don’t have much time right now, but that should be over before BETA. I already worked out an idea for a rather simple but useful app I plan to program by then, so if your idea is good I’m interested in partnership.


Can’t wait to see it!