Privacy of wearable tech

Grieg (the Phd student we sponsor) has done another paper looking at wearable tech. This is another area projects should take into consideration I think. Same issues as much tech, but health monitoring information could be very valuable in the wrong hands (i.e. not yours), especially if tied to a user.


Yes, really valuable in the right hands at the right time on Safe network though. Loads of Health related app possibilities I think - working with Charities/Health authorities/Councils/care agencies , particularly Dementia care etc as well as all the big data research uses.

This is also a concern to the Virtual Reality community. There is a team of VR enthusiasts and engineers who have begun correspondence regarding how to enable cryptocurrency into Virtual Reality environments and have them be secured, utmost importance is focused on the security in parallel to the quality of the VR experience.

@dirvine what do you think are the possibilities of running MaidSafe to allow people to be in virtual environments across the internet and allow for their information to be totally secured as it interacts with other people in that virtual reality space? Considering the proposed solution the paper regards keeping the data stored and processed offfline within the mobile device.

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That will be entirely possible, after safecoin we will introduce private groups (already designed in 2007) which will allow this and much more, like decentralised researchers, businesses etc. It wont be a simple group type thing, it will be extremely secure and with 100% respect for the individual users security within that group.


Oh that sounds fascinating! I haven’t seen anything on this in any documentation. Is there a white paper or something anywhere?

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There is a few patents that mention it and it was in some papers. We are getting some of those professionally redone at the moment, I will check, but you may find some docs in the documentation repository (we have way too many).