Potential Market Manipulation on Masterxchange

If you follow the order book on Masterxchange, you will see a few large sell walls that come and go. Most of them are in the 500,000 - 1 million MAID range. Every time the sell walls get bought out, they get reset higher in similar amounts. This leads me to believe that the same person is buying up his own sell walls to create artificial volume.

While these markets are completely unregulated, I am suggesting that large holders either pull their sell orders from the market or reset them at a higher price. Having such large sell orders on a low volume market artificially represses prices.

I believe that prices should reflect status of development, not the price that one or more whales decide to set.

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Assuredly this is not true. This is real volume. Real demand.

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Could you elaborate a little, for those of us not normally engaged in markets?

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the SAFEcoin serves such an enormous utility, and therefore any development firms or individuals which intend to expand the use cases of the SAFE Network will definitely make use of the mechanism of the network. These entities will create network churn and in this process run the SAFEcoin reward engine.

For example apps that are storing dynamically frequently updating data for personal usage could require some SAFEcoin to operate.

In order to use this network to its fullest extent one would need to eventually make use of SAFEcoins… therefore, the system will request some type of contribution of resource whether in computational resource or actual physical resource like fiat, gold, wheat, soda, coffee, sugar, cotton, etc, the list goes on.

Therefore, the acquisition of SAFEcoin is instrumental in the deployment of SAFE Network applications. This crypto coin, SAFEcoin, is deonominated in actual compuitational and disk power.

Think about SAFEcoin/gigabyte SAFEcoin/gigabit

Latest activity in SAFEcoin acquistion is certainly by especially interested entities of MaidSafe Technology.

Maybe we have wires crossed…the OP was referring to MaidSafeCoin on the MasterExchange I believe… i.e. price manipulation going on now?

These are quite certainly different individuals and new sell walls;

Regarding latest chatter on masterxchange; This is mostly irrelevant you can command any price you are willing to provide, and also price anyone pays is their business. These are just perceptions. Suppose something like localbitcoins.com comes up for localsafecoins.com … the price there will have it’s own determination.


Beware. I was in the trollbox on masterxchange a while back chatting with JR (mastercoin). He had the nerve to mention that we couldn’t see his orders. A few months later, the ‘iceberg’ feature came out.

It’s obvious that insiders have no problem trading with an unfair advantage. Makes me wonder how much wash trading has occurred. It’s proven that they enjoy a different level of trading functionality than the rest of us. No reason to think there is a limit to what they will do.

With so many other exchanges and developers in the world, you have to stop and think about why MSC chose the guys from Masterxchange. Control!

Lol. Seriously. I wish I was a fly on the wall when those guys presented their design portfolio :smiley:


I don’t believe there is manipulation going on. These are just regular sellers.

…said the mastercoin talk admin


I hope its not been manipulated. That kind of practice is killing bitcoin.

Manipulation has happened and still happens in our current, old, regulated markets. You really don’t think it happens in unregulated ones too?

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And another scheme –

The first wave formed an ascending triangle.

Which broke out and we are now in a falling wedge which is another bullish pattern.

Another breakout would coincide with Wave 5 for those who are familiar with Elliot wave theory.

Willy is a theory and speculation as well. A plausible theory, but a theory none the less.

It’s inevitable. I think what they are risking is their reputation in this space. No one is ever again going to trust Mark from the Mt. Gox incident. Hackers and whistle-blowers will get their hands on logs and expose nefarious activity if people are losing enough money. If you’re playing on the MasterXchange with more than play money you’re taking quite the gamble regardless.

Decentralized exchanges will surface, everyone is interested in trying them out.

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Hes also the guy that was selling overpriced msc and at buymastercoin.org and maybe safecoins at buymaidsafecoin also…
then denying it and deleting his tracks from mastercoin talk and also all those messages from bitcointalk over here - The Official Mastercoin Foundation, Master Protocol & Mastercoin Thread
I wouldn’t believe a word he says.


The case Willy bot has compelling evidence - but you are correct: it is theory.

Market manipulation as an idea however is not. It has happened time and again through history where players both big and small have been caught red-handed. And that is true even today, even under strict regulatory oversight and with layers and layers of rules and laws piled on top. See the LIBOR scandal.

Expecting that markets, especially young and unregulated one like Crypto, to not have any manipulation whatsoever is a very very naive view-- given that it’s already happening in the strictest of environments.

If it can happen, it will.

The thing about regulation is it gives a false sense of security. Instead of people being ripped off and demanding solutions to said problems they put your faith in “regulators”. The harsh reality may very well be that we need much more manipulation (in order for it to be exposed) so there is more demand for real solutions, not cries for “more regulation and oversight”.


Here’s my thoughts on where we are in price.

I want to be clear that my comment was not an opinion with regards to the topic of regulation.

It was an answer to the two implied questions:

“Can market manipulation happen in X market?”(general) and “Is it happening?” (specific case).

The answer to the second is case by case and harder to determine.

The answer to the first is easy: it can and has. If it can, and has — then it will occur. And in the crypto markets world that is doubly true.