Is there enough supply /demand to purchase thousands of safecoins now?

I’d like to buy thousands of safecoins, but I don’t know if the supply is enough to warrant me trying. I understand the current market is made up with “licenses to buy”, not actual virtualcurrency being traded, and I’d have to buy and store them using a bitcoin wallet until the Maidsafe network is live.

What resources are available so I can research the “flow” of safecoins, if any? (Assuming safecoin “buy rights holders” are not just hoarding.)

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Not sure what resources are available to research the flow of coins. But i can tell you now, if you don’t buy a few maidsafe tokens while you are considering it, you will likely regret it later!

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Trade volume of the last 24 hours is almost $12,000 so you should be able to buy thousands of MaidSafeCoins easily:

Look for example at the Sell Orders at is another exchange at which you can buy MaidSafeCoins.


how many thousands?

i just purchased less than 10 min ago 4500 more maidsafe from poloniex , there is many many thousands for sale on both poloniex and masterxchange

over 45000 for sale at abou 17800 satoshi price, some sell order below, much more above

I’d buy safecoin but a) Have no excess cash and b) have no bitcoin. In essense I have nothing to buy safecoin with.

someone is selling more than 15 million safecoins on the market

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Yeah I saw that thread, speculation abounds!

It seems the question about the availability was purely theoretical.