POLONIEX now KYC compliant

This is not a good day for MAID Holders. Anonymity out the window at POLO with only 24 hours to make withdraws.

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I guess that should read “MAID Traders”. MAID Holders probably have them in their own BTC wallet. :wink:

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By May 20th, Poloniex.com is no longer a pseudonymous exchange.

You literally put in your first name , last name and country . There are zero checks of the info , no other specific identifying features, putting a random name would work just as well as your actual name


Sounds like it.

Maybe they could flag people on country if the IP address appears to be from elsewhere.

Reading their trollbox they could require some to prove it if they suspect something.

If the authorities wanted to check on a trader they could get the server logs for that trader and use the IP address to track down the person, assuming they are not using a VPN or such.

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Fxxx them, I’ll withdraw all my holdings.

To be fair, I’ve been using them for years, I forgave (a tiny amount) that they owed me when they got robbed, and I recommended them (including here on this forum), and finally “they don’t have a choice”.

They could have relocated to Swiss, etc. They didn’t. They chose to comply. I’m done with them.


The problem is that Masterxchange is outright scary to keep your funds and Omniwallet uses Mastercoin, which to me is a company on the brink of total failure due to near zero trading volume. The counterparty risk here is unfathomable and I dare say I am going to cut my losses and probably exit MAID all together.Very sad indeed since I bought in on the IPO and believe in the Safe Network.

I am not sure, but aren’t the maidsafecoins stored on a private wallet (for which the private key has not been uploaded to omniwallet) safe no matter what happens to masterxchange/omniwallet ?

The algorithm to extract the number of maidsafecoins stored on a btc address would still be existing right ?

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I think we’ll see an increased number of transactions on the Bitcoin network due to this move by Poloniex.
I just sold all the minor holdings and transferred the rest to a personal wallet so my balance there is 0 across the board.

Unfortunately there’s no way to delete/close the account there, so they’ll be able to provide the convenience of snooping through my account history to various concerned parties. Lesson learned.

The “algo” will always exists regardless of your ability to use it. What’s your BTC address at MasterXchange and do you have the private key?
(MasterXchange has worked well for me for years, I have to say that, and I’m not nearly as annoyed by them as by these statist KYC aka KY Jelly moves by the likes of Poloniex).

You can always keep them tied to a cold wallet bitcoin address for which you have the private key, and then exchange them later for safecoins. The phrase “I believe in SAFE but I need to cut my losses because Poloniex KYC” just doesn’t make sense if you are a true believer!


He wasn’t asking about Mastercoin/Omni wallet, but MasterXchange, accounts.

I was not referring to mastercoin/omniwallet neither. I was just pointing the fact that if you truly believe in the SAFE project you might as well store your maidsafecoins in a cold wallet until the network launches.

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These are 2 different things. One is the Safe Network which is awesome. The other is the counter-party risk involved in waiting to convert them to the Safe network. I’ll always be a farmer, so no worries, but being a true believer is being loyal to a fault.

I can’t see a counterparty risk when you store the Maidsafecoins to the Bitcoin blockchain…except if you believe the Bitcoin blockchain might get compromised.


I’m trying to figure it out… The problem is the 24 hour countdown clock to figure it all out, and then sync with the network. I was given this link so I’ll wake up in the morning and give it a shot. Ledger wallet - #6 by janitor

Read here how to store maidsafecoins:

tl;dr : It’s enough to withdraw the maidsafecoins to a bitcoin address for which you have the private keys…the security of the maidsafecoins will be that of a bitcoin address until you exchange them for safecoins.

Personally I used www.bitaddress.org to generate a paper wallet where I now keep my holdings.

[Edit: in Omniwallet you can import the private keys of you BTC address for when you want to send them to an exchange for example. You can also add your bitcoin address as watch-only in there]


thanks SFcoin. I’ll try to sort it out when I wake up. I can’t wait until exchanges are decentralized themselves. The paper wallet seems like the way to go. I was holding MAID for the long haul and also the biggest advocate on Poloniex. So I’m pretty crushed given only 24 hours to make a decision…



I’m now caught up in this Poloniex nightmare.

I knew it was a mistake using an exchange based in the US. Now, I’m desperately trying to get all my balances removed, which is chaotic to say the least. My biggest concern right now is WHERE do I store my MaidSafe?

Please help as I don’t want to lose them. I read somewhere else on this forum that I need to transfer my MaidSafe to a BTC wallet? Is this correct as I tried an initial transfer of 1000 Maid to a rushwallet, but that showed up as 0.00000500 BTC? Does this mean I’ve pretty much lost the 1000? I have the remaining balance that I need to transfer out, and the only other exchange I can see is Master Exchange, but they need a “source address”? Would this be my rushwallet BTC address?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you :smile:

Now, having tried to transfer the bitcoin balance to Master Exchange, the message I’m presented with is Do Not send bitcoin to this maidsafe address! So, yep that exercise has just cost me 1000 MaidSafe :frowning:

Really fed up now :frowning:

  • What are you raging about? You can stay with Poloniex, they won’t take your coins. Why would you lose them?
  • You can send them to any bitcoin address which you have under your full and exclusive control (meaning, you’re the only person who has the private key). You could simply install Bitcoin Core, create an address, write down the private key and send your MAID to that address.

Search the forums for additional details and other ways to go about it. It’s nothing new and has been discussed extensively in at least 3-4 topics.

Why? It told you very clearly, do not send bitcoins (i.e. send only MAID tokens) to that address. Why did that cost you 1000 MAIDs?

You have many hours before KYC hits Poloniex, you failed to do some most elementary reading (e.g. Maidsafecoin wallet and many others) and you apparently ignored on-screen messages displayed for your convenience.


If you inspect your wallet with omniwallet then it will show the maidsafecoins. What you see is the interpretation by a wallet that does not understand maidsafecoins.

goto omniwallet.org and put in your public address (the one you sent the coins to) and it will show the balance of your MAIDSAFECOIN

You will need to send some BTC (some say 0.001) to the same address for when you need to send the maidsafecoins elsewhere.