Please donate to make the world more SAFE

Hello friends,

I want to ask once again those of you who have the opportunity to donate for our marketing campaign Boots on the Ground - Alpha 2 campaign - #119 by Dimitar.

For the next 3 months, I’ve set myself the goal to spread 10000 posters and 10000 flyers.

For the printing are needed 310 euros.

Please, if you can donate to make the world more SAFE place :smiley:

BTC: 3LveQpkaGPTgU2qkaurjo2PAZaAgKyBvZ1
ETH: 0xF10e25663AD91cc4C479C8d665B414ca4EAadE60
LTC: MJJvxYbQdL1Fn7uutcTjva9aVxDxJpTXTX

Of course everyone who donates please write to me a personal message to add you in the Patreons page on the site:

Thank you!


not sure whats the purpose to make posters and flyers now when there is still no network in beta or beyond. Its just a waste of money and time


Thank you for your opinion. Obviously the call is not directed at you :wink:

Let us agree that we have different opinions and do not turn the topic into a debate. Thank you :slight_smile:


@anon94252342 is right, because people will get frustrated if there is no working product and they are not able to try it. It is better to do it when there is a mvp

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Thank you for your opinion. Obviously the call is not directed at you too…

For your information from the beginning of the year there are 24 people who have registered in the forum thanks to the posters. One of them is a programmer…

It is really difficult to measure the effect for now. But whoever does not risk does not win :wink: Have faith!


i admire what you do and the community obviously needs you, but I also want to let you know, that I would rip off your posters from the wall next to my intercom or from the antique entrance door to my flat without even reading what they say. And I would feel good about it.

post soviet countries which had to adopt capitalism very quickly suffer under omnipresent visual ugliness. there are many reasons for that, but in my opinion, your posters don’t make it better. they are just the way things are.
but, especially in the European Capital of Culture, there are so many people who don’t want things the way they are. they want change. i’m sure you will reach them.

edit: but still, if the posters get people on board, they are probably worth it.

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If you look at the proof of work I upload every week, you’ll see that some posters are still sitting even 6 months later…

Obviously, all people are different and some find the posters a beautiful assets and do not remove them :wink:

Google Photos


Keep up the good work @Dimitar
Just donated…



Thank you @19eddyjohn75!

We create history here :wink: Visitors to the site are only 2000 people for now, but between 100k and 500k people have seen the SAFE Network logo on the posters.

Trust is something that builds with time. When you saw the progress with your eyes - first posters for the Alpha, then posters for the Beta, and finally posters that offer you to make money.

This is the ultimate goal - attract as many farmers as possible, as quickly as possible when the network is still young and vulnerable to attacks… So Thank you one more time friend! :slight_smile:


What do you actually get in return for your efforts?

Wouldn’t it be better to pay for targeted online ads?

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In our countries (balcan) nothing works with online ads :smiley: we are full onto posters here

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I beg to differ… …

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Children die … We live in the richest time in human history, but we allow children to die…

We all know that the SAFE network will change our world for the better. I hope that fewer children will die in a world with the SAFE network.

In Bulgaria, people gather bottle caps to buy Neonatal Intensive Care Units because many hospitals have a technique of 30-40 years and have no money for new ones.

I’ve tried a facebook ads and unfortunately 10 $ there are 0 clicks on the site. While an average of 10 posters lead to 1 site visit… So… :slight_smile:


There’s also the issue of paying money into a poisonous system which works against replacing it (Facebook, offshore tax avoiding companies and wealthy shareholders, using targeted ads etc).

We can’t completely avoid those things, but I think that should also be factored into decisions. Paying it into the Bulgarian economy through small local businesses is a plus compared to Facebook for example.


I’m not sure what dying children has to do with any of this but OK.

I also never mentioned facebook.

And I never actually questioned your method directly.

What I am getting at is ROI. In terms of as you put it click throughs to the site.

So you currently have one method and you’ve put a little money into fb as another method. So far you say that this one works best. Have you tried different version of fb ads, different images, titles, target audiences, how about online Bulgarian forums, magazines, etc. How about coding academys and Universities?

Your efforts are appreciated BTW. I am just not sure if offline posters and calendars posted onto notice boards are giving the best Roi.


Excuse me, I thought you were asking what I got from the posters.

All of the things you describe are of course on the table and will be tested in the long run. For the moment, I do not think there is anything cheaper and more effective than posters. This is proven to be cost effective.


Aren’t you worried about the trees? :joy:

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I’m very concerned. And when SAFE eliminates 99% of the shitcoins, many trees will be saved :wink:


I want to thank the man who made the last donation today! Thank you very much!


Person! :man: :woman: or who knows… :dog: