Pied Piper, SAFE and mobiles

I was watching Silicon Valley the other day and was thinking about how they are using mobile phones to build a SAFE-like network.

The core of SAFENet would run best on desktop computer, but what potential advantages could mobile phones nodes have in such a network?

The most obvious one I guess is to eventual use mobiles for mesh networking, I don’t think it will be feasible as a replacement for the current internet infrastructure, but it could be a nice addition.

Google’s Spanner database has two ways of ensuring high availability and consistency. First they have their own network, could having a meshnet bring similar advantages? E.g. if an important fiber breaks, data could flow through the meshnet instead. Second they use atomic clocks (this one?) or GPS on their servers for an API they call TrueTime. Mobile phones have GPS, perhaps it could be used in a similar way? Could these thing be useful to SAFENet?

Other areas where mobile phones might have advantages over desktop computers?

At the rate at which things are going, mobile phones will replace most desktop computers soon :slight_smile:

Farming on smartphones is part of the objectives, although probably the farming would be activated while charging.