Personal Social Network Ideas

Okay perhaps this can be worked into an existing social network project or be created into it’s own socnet But I was just thinking about the dimorphism of personal relationships where people actually get to know one another face to face and develop meaningful relationships and that of social networks where we share tons of information but rarely get to know eachother deeply.

Yet on a social network we know so many people but rarely get to interact with them on a deep level for a couple key reasons.

  • Lack of trust. We’re afraid to post personal information for fear it’ll get spewed all over the internet. In short we have trouble being really vunerable on social networks. (Well some people do.)
  • No funds or ability to travel from A to B and connect face to face.
  • Lack of federated and aggrigated communication technology.
  • Lack of encrypted and decentralized ability to share data with whom you want at the trust level you are comfortable with.
  • Not enough secure search options and integration between different networks We’re spread out everywhere.

What I’m saying is what if you could develop a personal relationship and then crowdfund meetups, or road trips or whatever else via your larger network in order to actually hook up. Other people’s motive for donating would be that a) empathy because they’ve been there too and they know you and care about you. b) Reciprocity. That you might donate to their crowdfund at some point too. And c) In the case of road trips or travel that they might be able to catch a lift or tag along.

People naturally find it easier to donate to causes involving people they know. So why not combine the two concepts of a social network and crowd funding? Then on top of this add the encryption and trust levels of SAFE so that people can share what they want with whom they want and feel safe to be vunerable and open up.


I always wanted to see a transport freight network working on the same principles of the maid safe network in local area’s to extending to larger area’s to have safe coin integrated into a app as a time banking/resource app. so one can choose to be rewarded time/hours and to have an option to cash out in safe coins if one wishes. maybe to have a blockchain to record the time or resource provided and that would the perfect proof work system. To make this a trustless system is another problem to be solved. but if one builds up time maybe it could be traded for social meet up transport.

Maidsafe provides data storage and ability to create idea’s that have never before to be seen on traditional blockchain technology. combining blockchain with maidsafe is a perfect marriage. I think the possibilities are endless.


I hadn’t thought of freight initially, I was thinking more of getting people from A to B, because one of the major problems in relationships is actually meeting up in meatspace. However freight and getting stuff from A to B does also seem like a natural extension of this. It makes me think of the community ride board we had where I used to live. Basically people would post on a Facebook group about where they wanted to go and who was coming in and going out of town and they’d hitch a ride in or out or they’d get their stuff shipped in and out of town from or to neighbouring towns. Now if you did that a lot yes that would turn into a freight or passenger service.

Imagine instead of calling a moving van you just posted something on your network and a bunch of your friends showed up with their vans or trucks. Even if it was between towns you’d just yell “Road trip!” and everyone would form a convoy to the next town over.

As for the travelcoin (or whatever we want to call it) issue. Safecoin = information/data/resources. Travel = cost of gas + time spent + resources needed for sustain oneself on the trip. One might even simplify that to price of gas * distance * rate of fuel consumption. Personally I think in order to calculate travelcoin we’d need input from the user as to what their needs were. And just like on safecoin if you’ve got a gas guzzler with only a little cargo space your rating will go down. Less resources = lower rewards. This system in turn would incentivize people to get fuel efficient vehicles with lots of cargo/passenger space or at least a car that didn’t waste it’s gas, or ran on totally green energy.

And you don’t need a blockchain, I mean you could use one, but you don’t need one. You might need a reputation system but that’s it. All you need is to have the formula and record the distance, the resources at the start and the resources at the end. If all parties agree than nothing hinky went on then all’s good. If all parties don’t agree mediation might be required or bad reputation might ensue. It doesn’t pay, literally, to screw someone over. If the spent resources exceeds or is insufficient for the amount needed to get from A to B (beyond a reasonable margain) you know they went somewhere else. Both parties will have a transcript of the details (since both will be going on the trip) and either can share it if they so desire. So if something bad goes down that’s proof of their claim that they can share with others. And over time I suspect that a public database of these records would accumulate of people sharing exceptionally good trips and bad. However you wouldn’t need to share your trip with anyone if you didn’t want to.

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