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Hi there,

several months ago I came up with the idea of a decentralised social network that allows not only to connect people and exchange information, but also to reward content creators. Think of it as the combination of crowding, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. A mixture between Twitter and Patreon - just without any companies involved. I looked up several cryptocurrency projects and the reason I ended up here is mainly because with SAFE content and value are genuinly related and it allows to store data throughout the network.

Within the last week I modified the sketch and I wanted to ask whether those of you, who have a better technical understanding, may have a look to elaborate whether it can be carried out on SAFE. I believe that a simple yet powerful app like powerparty may catch the attention of non-technical users, like me.

Currently I work in scientific project coordination as well as on my PhD thesis in humanities. I do not have enough technical background to code an application, but I am able to do everything that is related to design, coordinating workflows and fundraising. I believe this is a valuable project and would love to get in touch with people who are interested to elaborate the proof of concept and to eventually develop an application on top of SAFE.

I think there is a market for this application, because currently most content creators live on ‘attention’, which allows them to monetize partwise through advertisement. Noone working in this sector is really happy about, on the other hand people often accept ‘attention’ as a currency due to a lack of alternatives to monetize. Beside media enterprises who always monetized on content generation of their clients (Facebook, Pinterest, etc) there is also a trend of traditional sectors such as journalism to pay their users with ‘attention’ (the business model of Huffington Post is a graphical example).

The presented concept is only partwise elaborated and there is certainly much more to think about to keep it simple stupid for users to get along with SAFE. So if you are interested in collaborating, send me a message with your expertise or post in the thread.

You can find wireframes and brief explanations in this GoogleDoc


@Artiscience has put a lot of thought into this and created a superb set of user interface designs. Well worth a look, and a great example of how to design and communicate an App concept (he’s way ahead of SAFEpress in this respect - we have some catching up to do team! :smile:).


@Artiscience I like the concept it has some potential and big ups :thumbsup: for the designs for how you would like it to appear. Its nice you have thought that far ahead with little technical skills. Side note can you consider to find a point of originality that can clearly separate the concept from already existing socially network. Don’t get me wrong i think its a great project however, it would be good to show that its just not transferring what already exists to safe network. Rather its a completely different thing.

@happybeing guess your learnt something and will borrow a few things from here? In terms of Concept Design.


Well done!

  1. I think it’s a large project. If only a subset could be accomplished that would be great. I’d suggest to pick just one thing that’s most likely to work, and work on it.
  2. Check out https://morph.is, it’s also an all-in-one idea (I think too much for one person). Nice concept, but too much at once.

I guess that ironically the selling point is that users have to pay for interaction with other users. Ironically, because some people may conceive this as a disadvantage, where it is actually an advantage, because it´s what allows us to get rid of companies who monetize on users. It´s also what allows users to earn money by posting quality content, so if you´d ask me what´s the USP, then, I guess, I´d say that´s it: distributing both - network and content cost.

Also, it is basically a tool to get people into using SAFE with ease at a very early stage.

I think what patreon or companies such as flattr are doing is inherently the right direction, but we don´t really need companies to distribute cost. Users can do it themselves with a proper infrastructure.

@janitor Probably I got it wrong, but to me Morph.is sounds like an alternative to SAFE?

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If this is the intention then your good to go.


have you heard of network 99 in the life is people youtube weekly cast talks about a similar project, maybe network with these guy’s.


@Artiscience n99 is in the process of being developed by @dallyshalla. Forward your google doc to dally. If you would like to brainstorm on a private hangout with n99 core team we can set that up.


Yepp, n99 is like soundcloud.com for music, movies, and other works of art. It allows for economics to happen without the interference of any company since applications are autonomously rewarded in the background at no cost to the users. (app dev rewards)

Definitely checked out the doc, @Artiscience it’s a nice step in the direction of building an application.

I’d add that A company is an association or collection of individuals, whether natural persons, legal persons, or a mixture of both. Company members share a common purpose and unite in order to focus their various talents and organize their collectively available skills or resources to achieve specific, declared goals.

You could be uniting to effectively give away all your money and that’s a company, or you’re uniting to build an application. Besides what it comes down to, is that content providers own their work, and also the financial gain is not siphoned off by the app creator (or comapny of people who made the app happen). If you made a song and want 5.00 whatever for it, you got it and no one else is going to take a cut.

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You be the judge :smile:
I just mentioned it 'cause it’s out there and it seems there’s one or two guys trying to do the whole thing (I think that’s too much, who knows if they’ll be able to complete it before they burn out.

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@justin @optictopic thanks for pointing me to the project!

@dallyshalla Is there any documentation of the progress of development with n99? I´d love to hear more about it, since I didn´t yet grasp how exactly it is structured.

@janitor Yeah, that´s what I thought, but interesting link anyway.

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https://weadvancelivefree.wordpress.com/ is n99 white paper.

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Thanks for the link! As I understand this is already in development. Can anyone say anything about the state of development?

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Anyone? @dallyshalla @justin @optictopic @MrAnderson

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Coding development is being handled by dally. Sorry for not responding sooner. I guess everyone was expecting someone else to chime in.


soon I will replace the plain grey buttons with images using:

and it will be beautiful. piece by piece @we_advance

At the moment still linking together the basic functionality in the app (n99 app).

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