Omni wallet

Hi…I recently bought the MAID token on HitBTC exchange. I am now looking to send them to the OMNI wallet, but after numerous attempts I am unable to do this because of the difficulty I’m experiencing with the sign up. I get through various parts of the procedure only to be rejected at some point of the process. Is there something wrong with the Omni wallet at present thats causing these problems? Anyone else having problems setting up a wallet? I am not a newbie in crypto and have many wallets and exchanges to my name, but buying MAID and transferring it has been a very difficult task for me up to this point. Is there an alternative to OMNI wallet…it’s a nightmare compared to other wallets I have. Would appreciate any advice as to where I might be going wrong. I don’t fancy the idea of keeping the tokens on the exchange, especilly as they cant be changed to erc20 from there…help!

Are you using I just created a new wallet without issue on my phone.

You may want to consider a paper wallet though.

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Yes, I was at the site. I’ve tried on 2 different phones but keep getting the same problems. Never before experienced anything like it. I go through the required fields but it doesn’t allow access. It’s very weird. Is the paper wallet option the same as for Bitcoin?

This thread should be helpful.


IIRC there may be a need to use a particular browser but I’m not sure if that’s the issue here. The thread @Josh linked should answer that .