OmniWallet Send Error

Can somebody help me figure out whats the problem. I cant seem to send maidcoin properly using the omniwallet. Theres no address that I can choose from the drop-down menu at “From Address”. Theres also no option for sending what coin from the “Choose coin”. Is this an error or what? Im so triggered right now

You imported your private key?

Are you using chrome browser? Thats the only browser supported by omni.


Do you have some Bitcoin on deposit at the same address, as this is required to pay the network fee.

Apparently it was just an error. Tried it again after a couple of hours and it works!

Oh yeah I did everything you guys said. Imported the private keys. Used chrome browser and even send $10 to the address. Quite surprise to see it cost me about $5 to send $50 Maid

Glad it worked out :slight_smile:

That really isn’t good! I did a bitcoin transaction within the last couple of days which cost ~$10! Things must change…


edit: what’s a fanboy?!?!?!