Omni wallet issue

First of all, sorry for my English. I hope you will understand :slight_smile:

Guys, I have an issue with Omni wallet. I have some MAID there and I want to send it away. But I hadn’t enough BTC to cover fees. So I created another address in Omni wallet (different from where I have MAID) and send there some satoshi to cover fees (mistake probably). But it seems that I can’t sent MAID, because satoshi is on different address.

Is it possible to somehow change funds from one Omni wallet address to another? If it is possible, how?

The omni wallet addresses are just bitcoin addresses and yes you can just send funds to the address with Maidsafecoin to cover the transaction costs and send away your Maidsafecoins.


How can I do that (send funds to the address with MAID)?

If you know the address with MAID, you can send bitcoins to it. Check the picture below To addess is where you put your MAID address (make sure you have enough funds).

Sometimes it can take 10 minutes before the funds appear, so log out and log back in.

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Thanks, but it means, that I need another BTC to cover fees for transaction from one wallet address to another, right?

Because when I have for example 1000 MAID and 0.00000000 BTC on one address, and 0 MAIDS and 0.001 BTC on another address (in same wallet), and I want to send MAID away, I have no other option, than send some BTC on first address. It means, that I need to send 0.001 BTC on first address (and pay fee) and then I can send MAID away (that is another fee). Am I right?


Yes your right. First copy the address with MAID, go to the send page paste the MAID address like in the image above and you can send the bitcoins.

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Thank you very much!


No problem, always feel free to ask when something is unclear we are all learning here.



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