NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale

Crowdsale has started. [MOD EDIT: And has closed - failed]

MOD EDIT: Please read this post quoted here for more information about what happened with the ICO

A decentralized exchange utilizing the safenetwork.

Website: https://nvo.io
Whitepaper: https://nvo.io/assets/whitepaper.pdf

For any question please let us know.


Interessant. What does NVO stand for, @tonbi? (or indeed NVC which you have as the logo on the site there…)


Hi @Joshuef,

NVO stands for new venture organization meant to take on new technology in a decentralized economy.


@tonbi could you please provide some more info on yourself and Yanni Bragui, past experience etc.
(Links would be nice)


Edit: Check the website for updated info.


Hi @tonbi, thanks for the heads up. Some initial thoughts/questions:

  • Participation in the crowd sale, which currencies will you accept?
  • Will the sale run to a specific value or is the amount open?
  • It may help to note how and where you will provide development updates/progress.
  • How will you support the wallet and exchange?
  • I think more detail around the allocation of funds would be good and incorporate your thoughts on the % allocated to each area. While you may not know for sure it at least lets people know that you have thought about it.
  • I notice in the whitepaper under 2.6 you state ‘More information regarding the crowdsale will be disclosed later’, so worth amending this, but also where will the NVO token be listed initially? Having a liquid market is a primary concern for most participants.
  • Like @Josh suggests I think your proposal would be stronger if you can give more detail about both your commercial experience. I don’t think you need to be a developer at Google (we only have 1 of those :)) but LinkedIn profiles or bulleted list would go a long way to reassuring prospective participants.

I hope this helps and good luck.


Very interesting! I look forward to reading and learning more about the who’s, why’s and what’s.



I read your whitepaper for a bit and am wondering about the Validator application. If I understand correctly it’s the piece of software that should make the swap of two digital assets atomic; preventing merely one side of the transaction occuring. Is your goal to have the Validator code trustlessly executed by the SAFE Network similar to Ethereum smart contracts?


I support this project because i personally know the developer, as we studied together in the same university. My id is aleready disclosed in bitcointalk, and personally i know how reliable he is and know his capacities, he had several formations in our company regarding management :

i am the son of the founder of these companies, and the CEO of Blumed Edition, so what is the link to the exchange ?
i just want to confirm that he owns the required capacities to lead this project, and regarding the development side, you can check www.veserus.com the platform is still under development, and he helped us a lot, while it is a lisenced and centralized exchanged.

Now about the wallet, i tested it, and i think it is aleready a good start, they should mature it and work on the API for the plugin part, personally i think it is a promising one, they aleready added three coins.

on the long run, this project is interesting because it could provide a real decentralized exchange, the opposite of veserus or poloniex or bittres, meaning that he is closer to the original goals of Bitcoin.

This project gives me an idea about a future possibility, i suppose the plugin system will be open sourced so the users will adapt their projects to the wallet, like an offshore bank who will offer a decentralized service using the wallet simply by including a plugin to link their user’s accounts to the wallet. nvo would be then a real gateway to decentralization, and just because of this, i am sure the exchange will attract users because even if the bank is centralized, nvo isn’t.

it is like the Alexa project of Amazon, and the google phone’s modular system which is like the plugin system, these projects are open sourced so anyone could develop his project based on these platforms. if a customer decides to use a chineese battery in the phone, google won’t be respoincible for what would happen then, this is one of the main advantages of open sourced projects. nvo is dencetralized, so it is even better.

the bank would have to create an asset to enable the trading on the exchange, like usdt, but it would be decentralized.

Good luck NVO


Thank you for your support imed, and i would like to thank everyone for your interest in the project.

I will first answer the development questions and about the next update of the wallet.

So, for now the SAFE network isn’t ready to host the validator for production, we will start the development directly from a cluster, we will work on it using the testnet but the first priority will be the development of the first API Cluster and code maturation.

We will have to create the required environment and gather enough informations about what kind of informatioons will have to be returned to the users. We have an idea on how it will work, and how it have to work, but setting up the websockets and restAPI is the first step.

The basic idea is to provide the users with the usual informations they can retrieve from the original wallets.

The validator is the second step, and the most complicated one, because it iwll have to work all the modules at the same time, so we will have to work on all of them, and adapt them accordingly.

The plugin system is the third one, as he will follow the three most important modules.

@Seneca Yes, the validator will work like an Ethereum smart contract, trustlessly checking for each order and transactions, once the validation process if done, they are boradcasted to their respective networks.
The main difference is that it will use the storage capacities of SAFE Network, and the computation ressources.

  • We are not sure yet since we need more feedbacks from other communities as well.
  • The amount is open.
  • Updates will be posted on all social media sites like facebook and twitter as well as github. There’s also a newsletter.
  • For support as in help desk? We can integrate intercom for live feedbacks/help and reddit for discussions.
  • As for development, more money means we can train our own people. And there’s legal consulting which we can’t plan right now. Since we are handling the development ourselves it can get really flexible.
  • We can get listed on bitrex. The company we are working with for the crowdsale may be able to help us with this part so we can appear on more exchanges.
  • Will try my best regarding this matter hopefully I can get a response from someone I used to work for. I have experience dealing with growth hacking for startups before. I think it all boils down to making a product that end users will love.

Maybe not initially. But it may help to confirm how you will help users of the service and thus make growth sustainable. Forum support/Github also works well for very early stage.


Updated the post to include these details :slight_smile:


I’m very excited to see this being developed! Still have to do some reading but a truly decentralized exchange is essential

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Thanks for clearing that up. Might take a while before trustless computation is supported by SAFE though.


Will read up on it, just heard of it. The direction is obviously great. A decentralised market on the safenet will be an amazing service and if you’re the first, you’re off to a good start! If it works, ofc… after all, we’re nowhere near sharing computation over the safenet. Btw, in what timeframes are you thinking?

Just take your time preparing everything, especially the sale. In case you haven’t decided it yet, I would prefer to have a sale where speed/ better connection/ luck doesn’t give you an advantage. Divide all assets through all participants, for example, or something like that.

Best of luck!

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When i mentioned ethereum smart contracts it was more about the availability on a decentralized environment, a blockchain in the case of ethereum. But NVO will use safe network, which is a distributed computing and storage network.
The trustless computing won’t be handled by the safe network, it will be coded in the app, and accessible like any other application.
As soon as a data Stream is received, it will be processed, checked and rechecked, this is what will make it trustless, because the validator will never trust what the users will send for their own security.

Marto speaks 4 different languages including english. He misunderstood what you asked. No, we are not doing anything related to smart contracts just yet because it’s not possible at this time on the testnets. When he said trustless it basically means a double checking system not a trustless computation like a DAO or smart contract.

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Hi @rand_om

If we work around 8-14 hours a day, it would require about 2-4 months to be able to release the validator including the wallet, but don’t take our word on it because it could take more time for the wallet. Since exchange users will come from the wallet userbase we need the wallet to be perfect.


welcome and thank you for your support, regarding the duration of the development we will need about 2 to 3 months with 1 more month in case of troubles or delays with around 8 to 14 hours of work daily. The real challenge where we may need more time is about the amount of users and the ways to bring more volume. Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Ranked By Volume | CoinMarketCap
Here you will find the centralized and semi-decentralized exchanges. These semi-decentralized exchanges are using some tricks related to how the blockchains works to partially decentralize the trading. While we will offer a decentralized trading system.