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Tung Svard wrote:
“Here are a couple of previoius maidsafe threads on the topic of wireless routers for a mesh network. I think this forum could be organized better so that previous discussions aren’t pushed down out of “permanent” view by new posts. That way, the ideas and thoughts can be better integrated and developed. At least have something comparable to the forum.”

I don’t know one way or another. This forum is about the best I can remember using but I do remember a competitor/parallel forum that MaidSAFE had up for a while mid last year but shut for simplicity. That forum was also awesome in ways that were different from the present forum. Maybe this poster had something like the difference between the two in mind? How could ideas be made more persistent? And I do understand that every forum platform has constraints and trade offs that must be worked with.

In the case of ‘Mesh’ I’d think it would warrant it’s own Tag…it’s so important to the future of ProjectSAFE…we really should be right on top of any developments, especially ad-hoc mobile mesh.

The search function does work pretty well though and it’s incumbent on folk to try and add to existing threads rather than keep creating new one’s along the same topics.

Maybe some curation could also help, whereby the most relevant replies within big threads could be condensed down into super threads by folks interested in a topic.

For example, I keep a few threads in the lounge, just to keep track some of the meaty stuff that comes up:


Very much agree about mesh tag. I need to follow those threads in the lounge.

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stackexchange does the tagging and voteup/votedown thing till the most relevant answer is awarded. that model can work great for the MaidSafe FAQ’s, example:

i just wish stackexchange had the beauty of Discourse, the MaidSafe forums. oh, and make it a Dapp too, that’d be just peachy.

Making ideas (or making faq answers) persistent is just a matter of the software. This might make @frabrunelle and @ioptio 's jobs way more difficult though. Nobody that I can find has made forum software that does it all as of yet, esp not in the Dapp world.

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