Nice to meet you. I want to make MaidSafe Korea! any feedbacks?

Hello forum.
My name is Ayden Lee, I was born and raised in Korea; and now am a student in University of Iowa. I was informed about MaidSafe by my high school best friend, who is also highly active in this forum. after a couple of months of researching and planning, I became really into this movement and now I’m trying to do some stuff regarding MaidSafe.

Many aspects about MaidSafe is highly related to Korea’s current problems regarding internet systems, and as Korea being one of the countries with highest internet speed/installation rate, I really think it would help MaidSafe tremendously if it could draw some attentions in Korea. As a Korean/English speaker residing in U.S., I came up with and started a couple of projects with about 10 of my friends as a team. We’ve been telling and presenting the concept of MaidSafe, getting LOTs of positive responses by friends and professors both in Korea and here Iowa.

So, above were the information I felt like was worth mentioning, as I’m gonna be highly active in this forum. Today I just had a couple of questions regarding the projects.

  1. Would it be okay if I make Korean/Chinese subtitle version of MaidSafe introduction Video? Any problems regarding copyrights or… like… ownership problems?
  2. We’re also considering making a Facebook page called “MaidSafe Korea” to translate/upload information slides and videos into Korean. Would using the name “MaidSafe Korea” okay? If it is, We are considering having a couple of my Chinese friends to join and make “MaidSafe China” soon.
  3. Similar to #2, we came up with a school organization idea where our team can connect individual coders from our school (engineering, informatics, infosystems, etc…) to MaidSafe, to give them opportunity to see the coding results from professional or higher level coders and actively engage in coding the network as a practical experience in their fields of interests. However, as a 20 years old foreign college kid, I know about anything like this (I’m also a Business/Psychology Major… :confused: ). If somebody could explain how to get to the coding page, and/or some feedbacks regarding anything mentioned above, it would help the team a lot.

Thank you Forum, what you guys have been doing is amazing; and I’m glad that I found out about this. This now is my passion and dream.
See you, I’ll keep u guys updated regarding projects.


Welcome @aydenlee this is fantastic. I am sure there won’t be problems with any of your requests but can’t actually speak for the copyright holders or MaidSafe the company, but @dirvine will be along very soon I expect.

I don’t understand Korean, but look forward very much to seeing those videos with Korean or Chinese subtitles and the same goes for the websites. This is absolutely amazing news :slight_smile:


Hi Ayden, welcome to the forum. Already looking forward to your projects!


Oh and u asked about the MaidSafe code; it’s all up at MaidSafe · GitHub

Open source so feel free to download.

Also for anyone getting ready to code for it, i would definitely recommend downloading and using at least Ubuntu OS v14 (or any type of Linux OS). If the computer is windows or mac, YouTube can show you “how to dual boot Ubuntu from a flash drive” (search that)


OK ? It would be a complete shame of you did not. I imagine the support here and in house will be pretty amazing. We want truth spread far and wide and any way we can is great. If the people of this planet get together then we will be a super force for sure.

This is exactly why SAFE exists so shout and we will help in any way we can to make this wee blue dot a little better for sure. I speak for myself though here and you will have my 100% support.



While subtitles would be better than nothing, I imagine that a voice-over would be even better, and probably not much harder to accomplish. Even if the voice talent wasn’t the best, if synced with the video, it would come across just fine and be a lot easier to follow.


Hello everyone,
My name is David Yoon and I am friend of Ayden’s, a member of this project/team, and new to this forum as well. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of any videos or articles regarding MaidSafe that would fit well with what we’re up to (referring to Ayden’s original post). The more good information we can get a hold of, the more we can do to spread knowledge of MaidSafe to the South Korean and Chinese population. It will also really really help me in my own research on MaidSafe as well! The more I know the more I can help!

We are also very open to suggestions. Feedback and constructive criticism will help us immensely because we are still in the earlier stages of these projects.



Hi David and welcome,

All the press articles can be found over here:

And this is the youtube channel from Maidsafe:

I also found this channel where you can see some discussions in the last two months:

Hope this is a good start and maybe someone else can add something to this list


It’s great to meet you Melvin and I am also thrilled that Mr. Irvine took notice of this discussion.

This is a great place to start! This is very helpful and we will continue to post updates on the progress of our projects as well.

There is so much potential in the SAFE network for everyone and I REALLY want to see how it will change the world we will live in. If there is anything we can do to help please let us know. We are also willing and very eager to work with other members of the MaidSafe community in anything that will help get the word of MaidSafe out to more people.



Uh oh, if smuggled episodes of “Friends” are a dangerous plot, what might SAFE on giveaway Android phones be? The “nuclear option”? :wink:

[EDIT] Life emulates fiction: That man’s background reminds me of Montag, the main character, and an official book-burner, in Fahrenheit 451.

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This page has been getting so many new likes recently due to the price (from 32 to 61 total likes this week) so I had to make a post letting people know what’s going on! :smiley:


It’s really cool you are building a team to work on all those initiatives!
For me being able to discuss with people from all over the world about the same project is such a great experience, having different point of views and being able to understand different realities of the same planet is really enriching.

You can find information in this post on how to add subtitles to the MaidSafe introduction video, if you add Korean, you will then need @nicklambert to approve it, just comment there, if you have questions I’m sure someone will help you out.


Yeah had lots of close friends from Korea when I was living in Hawaii and they did most of the work creating the page and videos and I give updates every now and then.

SAFE needs to happen in as many places at once to really take hold and take over! :smiley:

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Welcome @aydenlee ! You have come to the right place.


so I’m still helping with his MaidSafe Korea page and someone contacted me saying they are with “MaidSafe Solutions” (anyone at @MaidSafe know what that is?) and that they set up these multilingual forums!

Just thought everyone should know some real community results of the MaidSafe Asia trip, because people were asking if anything happened as a result of it.


MaidSafe Asia will become MaidSafe Solutions, they are changing their name to solutions. Lots happening over there and we are helping where we can, but like this community this is all them and it’s looking very productive. Lets hope so :thumbsup:


great they have been talking with me over FB today and were very nice, even offering to fly me there for a meetup soon? Was a bit skeptical but it’s glad to hear they are very legitimately involved with MaidSafe. Something I would love to get involved in, to help SAFE spread!


Also Mr Irvine have you heard of Ken Nguyen?

He was the one I was talking to. I just haven’t seen any of these guys on the forums and wanted to make sure they were who they say. I’m sure they are but just wanted to have some input thanks!


I am not sure Ken’s last name but if it’s the Ken I know then he is setting up the forums there. You should be Ok I am terrible with names and there are loads of folks over there.

[Edit] I don’t use fb though to cannot tell from link.