MaidSafe Korea: Updates and Questions

Long time no see, forum!

It’s Ayden Lee again, with some updates regarding MaidSafe Korea.

I had to fly to New York to see my old friend from junior high, who happens to be the president of a computer science /international business club in the top engineering school in Korea. I presented the concept and basic ideas of MaidSafe to his team, and it went really well. His club, not to mention himself, is pretty influencial among Korean college engineering students and clubs, so I’m expecting him to be a huge help, once MaidSafe Korea gets practical.

Our graphic designer came up with a first draft of a the Korean version logo with a little animation built into it, which is going to be in the Korean version of the introduction video. Basic ideas and plots are all set up, and we have all the talented members we need in filming the actual video.

Vast majority of our team members are going through heavy work loads from school(Midterms are coming up soon), so the actuqal production of the video will happen in next week at the fastest.

we also found a small Korean company which makes really cheap and small computers(starts with $65, size of a cigarette box, operates like a normal desktop). We saw some potentials in mounting SAFE OS, and we’re paying close attentions to the company.

Some notable concerns though:
Though most of the projects are going really well, the team is experiencing some difficulties; and the biggest one is gathering useful information. David and I are pretty much the only people who are actually fluent in English, and even I am a bit too foreign to read a lot of articles and pull out useful information, resulting in David being the only one doing the research job. He mentioned that getting some filtered options of information would be a huge help for him.

Today we only have some rough and general questions, but soon they will get highly practical; so give us some time :wink:

  1. As David mentioned, is there a specific place you guys gather informations regarding MaidSafe outside of this forum? if not, are there any people willing to help David gathering useful information?

  2. We’re trying to get a couple of engineering students to get interested into this project, and it seemed to be easier to convince them by using highly technical approach so it would be ‘challenging’ enough for them to be interested in. We decided introducing mining (farming) concept to them. We completely understand the concept, but we couldn’t explain anything in in-depth level or show anything. Where should we go to get specific information regarding mining(farming)? This is one of the most urgent problems for us, as we have no engineering-related members in our team.

  3. We had some troubles figuring out the font of the “MaidSafe” logo. We figured it would be better for a Korean logo to be consistant with the actual logo. Could we know what font the logo is?

  4. I’ve been explaining the concept of MaidSafe to MANY people, and I became curious if I’m doing okay in explaining MaidSafe. How do you guys usually explain this to people around you?

Above were all the urgent questions and updates we had so far, and I’m glad to let you guys know that Project: MaidSafeKorea is going really well.

Have a good day and see you later. :slight_smile:


First of all, amazing and comprehensive consideration. I want to say, and assure you that you are not being chased down to finish this; and you will move along at a pace that is parallel with the release of core information;

Here is where to pull much of the information for humans to read about MaidSafe Technical stuff:

Technically Advanced Source Code:

When explaining to others:

Invite to watch the video on the front page after scrolling down a little;

“If you like the idea, join the forum, or if you can write code and understand these things from before then read the source and contribute where you know best”
Otherwise look out for its release.



I don’t know if this is hardkernel, but if not, note also that MaidSafe and a few folk on the forum (including myself) are using Odroid devices for testing and farming Safecoin (see for example: Farming Hardware: Odroid U3 and How to build MaidSafe on Odroid-U3).

Regarding info on farming, basic information at:

There is no definitive information on farming rates, performance hardware etc. Just some posts where folk including myself have commented based on what we have learned from various places (much of my understanding has been gleaned from comments I’ve seen from David Irvine).

Essentially, my understanding is that farming effectiveness will be a product of rank and available storage, where rank will be influenced by the usefulness and trustworthiness of a node, which is calculated from a combination of factors. But the most important seem to me to be availability, and response time.

Availability is important because if you aren’t available, you won’t get rank or be around to receive data.

Response time will be important because every farming opportunity is competitive between the four nodes that store the requested chunk, and only the fastest node will get the reward.

I do also believe that it is in the network’s interests to encourage farming on a widespread basis, and since even relatively poor nodes will add value to the network, they will I expect be rewarded to some degree. I would not be in the interests of the network to function in a way that encouraged centralisation within a subset of the highest performing nodes, though higher performing nodes will be rewarded for their performance, I don’t believe they will be able to “corner the farming market”.

Please note that I may be wrong with my facts or analysis. But that’s what I understand. Anything way out, I hope @dirvine will correct!


No need Mark this is spot on. My goal (I hope the projects) is to incentivise and spread the chunks as far as possible so even small nodes gain evenly with large nodes. I really (really) want this to be used in unused space/cpu/power situations so that people do not run dedicated high power machines to earn, but every small bit helps and even small slow nodes are rewarded. Essentially if it were possible (and I think it is) that we get the reward point (after early adopters) right then free unused resource of an already on computer is rewarded we will win. So dedicated machines are less profitable, perhaps even running at a loss, to discourage server farms and encourage normal folks to just leave their machine on a little more (get email, info and alerts etc.) then I will be happy.

Of course people living off grid etc. should be able to fund their offices and projects with safecoin to, so the balance is critical to get right. Its arguably impossible, but so is the whole of maidsafe :smiley: I don’t worry about impossible, it’s where I like to live.


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