New Logo

Just checked the forum, does MaidSafe have a new logo?

I quite liked the old one, a lot more than the new one.

I like the new one.

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The old logo was a “flat” designed Penrose triangle, I don’t really know what the new one is. @Devs why was there a need to change the logo, the old one was great?

I like the old, blue one.
Also the fact that the forums logo was black made a clear distinction form the “company” side vs the “open” side.
While making a clear distinction, they were also very close in resemblance, proving without a doubt that it was the same “project”.
Hope I am clear!

Time to clear things up. :smile: is independent from, the company. I can understand the confusion though because sometimes “MaidSafe” refers to the company and sometimes to the technology/system (“MaidSafe is a fully decentralized platform”). I think that this terminology issue deserves its own thread.

So, the one that you are referring to is probably the logo of There was never any blue here on (but there was a grey/black version of the penrose triangle, not in the logo on the front page though).

looks good to me.

Yes, the blue was from and the black from, altough they were only different by their color, they were the same shape.

Good idea to differentiate .org from .net I agree

Aussie Pop: ‘I Like Your Old Stuff, Better Than Your New Stuff’

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I like the new one…It helps to differentiate the private forum called which is a community of sorts from MaidSafe the developers of the SAFE Network and SafeCoin technology. Good going @David!


I moved 4 posts to a new topic: About badges and trust levels

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The SAFE logo as shown on this site is big time. Its crisp, it pops it looks fantastic. Big, bold clean black lettering gets the point across too. Feeling like its starting to take on a life of its own.

Linguistically and conceptually its hard to fight too. When they want criticize safety they have to contradict themselves every time they reference “SAFE.” Its perfect. “SAFE is not safe” runs as “SAFE is safe” in nlp terms.