About badges and trust levels

Oi…what’s all this leader business? lol. Do we have a new Politburo I’ve not heard of? I noticed recently the odd mention of attaining different levels for things and even some craaaaazy talk of hero members …only joking, but what’s it all about. I recognise that in all probability I have an “Emperor” or something next to my name - its just that I can’t see it displayed from my end.
No gods No masters btw, just in case there’s a coup going on.

“Leader” is a badge and some badges can be used as your title. You have the leader badge too, have a look at the title setting in your preferences if you wanna use it.

Do I…lol…that’s funny…I’ve got a bit of badge/honours issue (always the contrarian), so I’ll leave it for now but that’s interesting. .I see, so its based loosely around how many posts, feedback or something is it?

Read about trust levels and badges. Some of them are related, i.e. you might get a badge when you reach a trust level. I don’t have any particular opinion about the badge system, we can disable it if that’s what people want (it was enabled by default).

The good thing about the trust levels though is that as you spend more time on the site you gain more privileges, such as doing some moderation tasks. This is good as it leads to a self-moderating community and it incentivises people to contribute. Works great on the StackExchange sites.

No, I don’t have any issues with it, it sounds great. Just myself personally…with the issues…
I may use the “Elder” title if I attain it though, because I then have the magic power to invisiblify posts…so it will serve as a warning, like red and yellow bands on a snake…whooo…ha haaa…
Oh…what can beat an Elder though?