Network terminology

What are we calling data and apps that are in the safe network? We don’t really want to use “in the cloud” as it is fundamentally different. I am using “on SAFE” but I don’t really like it. For example: “I’m not worried about theft, that is all on SAFE.” There must be better though.

We need something catchy like “the cloud” for marketing purposes. We want people annoyed with that stupid catchy name that is popping up everywhere, like they are with the cloud today.

I always liked noosphere, the world of the mind, the sphere of human thought. Not quite as catchy as a cloud I suppose.

How about ‘the cloudosphere’?

(I’ll see myself out…)

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I’m reminded of one of the Maidsafe videos.

How about “Mist storage” or “in the Mist” or condensing a file “out of the Mist” when bringing it to you or storing it locally, for whatever reason?


I think we should go for something extremely straightforward. Web2 is a silly way to describe the network, but everyone who currently surfs the internet would see it and automagically think this is the new internet. It would be nice to have something that self explanatory.

Struck by lightning!

On the current internet we talk about cyberspace.

On the SAFE network, everything happens in and is stored in “safespace”. Simple, clean, accurate and inviting.


I’m liking safespace quite a bit.

“My data is in safespace.”
“Checkout this new app I found in safespace.”
“Pull that document from our shared safespace.”

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@fergish I really, really like “mist.” I was trying to think of something exactly like that. Some sort of play on “cloud.” Mist makes me think of a bunch of little droplets of water, that’s great.

The only bummer is that “Mist Storage” doesn’t roll off the tongue, because of the double -st.

But man, “Store it in the mist” is great.

Or maybe there’s something we can escalate on in that vein.

EDIT: I like the flow of “safespace.” It’s really easy to say.

maybe you mist/condense files you upload/read from safespace.

The Beatitudes of Project SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone)

Blessed are the developers, for they shall seed the world with the foundation from which safespace shall emerge.

Blessed are the builders for they shall supply the tools for users to realize their hopes for safespace, and thus for the world at large.

Blessed are farmers for together they shall manage the mists of safespace and secure the tools which mankind will use to usher in the new age.

Blessed are the users for they shall fill the voids of safespace with the mists of the knowledge of mankind, to have secure unto themselves or to share without hindrance, by their own choice.

Blessed is the mist, for it shall be at once inscrutable beyond comprehension, yet full of the knowledge and wisdom of all of mankind, ready to spill forth and quench their thirst for truth and wisdom.

Blessed is safecoin for it shall be the unit of value which rewards all who participate, and be a universal particle of value for all of mankind, because it shall represent the means to share freely, amongst all peoples of earth, the knowledge, wisdom, aesthetics, humor and hope which we all most value, and yet shall spurn giving means to those who would steal our marrow to build tools and organizations of aggression to rule others against their will.


in the mist sounds even cooler than clouds and rainbows

Yeah. Mist storage, or fog storage.

Although I can already see the reddit misuse of fog… Unfortunately.

I think I love the idea of mist though. A cloud that is here, on the ground. And you can’t break it apart because it’s just a bunch of moisture particles.

Yeah - I’m quite liking “mist” too. And while I’m somewhat of a pessi-mist, David’s most certainly an opti-mist :slight_smile:

Going to and from the network, your data gets mistified and demistified. And several more terrible puns of that ilk!


I remember hearing of comany that brought out a drink called “Irish Mist”. They then went to launch it in Germany were the meaning of “mist” is manure - just thinking about what happens when maidsafe goes global!

Still, I like the name!

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We’re not talking about branding here, like a trademark. The concepts translate pretty well into most, if not all, languages, I imagine.

A couple minutes on Google Translator yields:

English / cyberspace / safespace / mist

German / Cyberspace / sicheren Raum / Nebel

French / cyberespace / espacesur / brouillard

Spanish / ciberespacio / espacioseguro / niebla

Swahili / mtandao / nafasi salama / ukungu

I have no idea whether any of these work in the respective languages, or whether they’ll wish to use something else in that language, or the English. It’s not prescriptive. People will call it whatever works for them in whatever language, including English.

Big corporations and governments will probably read the list as:

/ cyberspace / subversivespace / the swarm of dread
/ cyberspace / the wild west / phantom bullets everywhere


Maybe cipherspace?


I would think it’s a pity if we lost ‘safe’ from the terminology, if for no other reason then to keep an honoury reference to MaidSafe, still the core team behind the project. I know David will say that the technology is now owned by the community, but as a community we should not forget the founding team. :wink:

EDIT: so yes, mist is very mysterious :), but I like safecoins, the SAFE network and very much so safespace !

Seconded, I like safespace much more than ‘mist’.

To me ‘mist’ sounds pretty negative - it’s bad weather, cold, damp and all too conducive to car crashes and sudden chainsaw-wielding serial killer appearances.

Cipherspace is more of a generic term including MaidSafe as well as the other things mentioned in the Wikipedia article.

And I’m afraid ‘Web2’ has been done already (well, 2.0 if we’re being nitpicky), and it was already a bad idea the first time. So we’re looking at Web3 at least, or, as Microsoft marketroids would call it, ‘Web one’.

My only qualm with terms like Cipherspace is that it’s a bit niche to the geek community. It would get adopted by a small percentage, but probably dogged on my a large number of people. Cloud worked because its pretty clean and universal. I can’t imagine 90% of people using Cipherspace without doing a nerd-lisp. Or as my girlfriend might lovingly say, “Oh, is that part of your nerdy unicorn shit?”

Do you feel ‘safespace’ is too nerdy?