Multi node in one system

I would like here to track the progress on safe node being able to be run in on system multiple times, it used to work, but now you cannot start multiple nodes with each having its own node dir in one system. It should still work as run-baby-fleming is working like that but somehow there was a regression in safe node code


ok I must have figured out how to make it work in a single system using safe node run and safe node join been hunting down the code in the safe_network repo and found out that with safe node join I can supply the node data dir!!! be right back, gonna test my findings and report!!!


ok I see the issue here,

the safe node join code doesnt provide a way to supply the node data dir and its hardcoded to ‘local-node’ in the node_commander > subcommand join > node_join

also you launch a genesis node with safe node run-baby-fleming --node-num 1 and in this way there is no way to set the public-ip and port so the command launches a local genesis node!

why so much hate for easy way of launching a testnet without the sn_testnet_tool? :sweat_smile:

Remember, the node command is going to be removed very soon.

Let’s focus our efforts on the new testnet binary, which will provide a single interface to achieve this task.


ok so is there a way to start a smoothnet with the testnet command? so public ip and joinable by others? and as I like it multi node in one system for efficiency and low cost smoothnet?

The reworked testnet is still a work in progress. I’ll probably have it merged next week.

Once we have it released, I’ll be happy to help.


Yaay – this member of TeamTestnet is taking a 72-hour chill pill.

My agogness will be mighty by mid-week


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