Moving people using maidsafe

The notion of “if you just don’t like the laws in your location then just move” has come up many times and honestly it’s downright naive at best. Moving, even from town to town within the same province/state is complex and expensive at best and can be outright impractical for some, let alone the idea of moving to another country. However the need to move from place to place is real. So I thought I’d address it as a possible APP/project for maidsafe. Maidsafe presents some interesting options which were not before possible, like say anonymous communication, secure data storage, secure wealth generation and transfer via safecoin and so forth.

Needs for getting People from A to B.

  • Transportation of the individual
    • Literal cost of transportation.
  • Room and board while en route.
  • Cost of the needs of any dependents the individual might have.
  • Transportation of Possessions
  • Literal cost of transportation.
  • Storage cost.
  • Moving and unpacking
  • Location to move to.
  • Living space accomaadations (rent)
  • damage deposit
  • other fees
  • supplies
  • Beaurocracy
    • Passport
    • Identification
    • Medical ID
    • Finding a doctor (etc)
    • Orienting and navagating through the new area (guides and friedns are helpful)

This is just a quick generic list, I’m sure more things could be added, especially for more specific situations like for parents with children or for people fleeing oppression or for people who don’t speak the language of the area they’re moving too etc etc.

Things off the top of my head maidsafe can provide.

  • Anonymous communication and a database of people looking to move and people willing to help them and in what capacity they can are are willing to help.
  • Crowdfunding for various moves based on various criteria (geographic range, circiumstances, is it legal or illegal).
  • Locals willing to help those moving into their area or relay those moving through their area. Hosting someone and letting them sleep on your couch for example while they pass through town for example. Or showing a newly moved resident around town.
  • Maintaining privacy for people that want to keep their having moved on the down low while at the same time connecting them with the moving community…
  • Facilitating payment for various services via safecoin.
  • Storage of private information that can be shared with selected parties while at the same time built into a database while not compromising user security and privacy.

There are probably more ideas but I’m tired and need sleep so am posting this now. Feel free to discuss.