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Dream MobileWallet

Since I can’t develop things yet, I’m just posting articles and hope that somebody who can, will someday. I believe that a coins success is also based on it’s mobile wallets. Bitcoin got enough examples of how you can really spread the coin. To be honest I’m not really a believer in a wallet developed specifically for a platform. I don’t really see the value to create something for Android, Ios or windows. But I’ll be honest I’m lazy, that’s why if I could I would just develop a HTML5 wallet, that way your wallet can be access, by every smartphone out there. Maybe what I’m trying to say in this article is don’t fall for the platform sandboxes out there, but play on the beach. Personally I like what did, a HTML5 web wallet accessible to all. Unfortunately they didn’t make it so that the code recognize that your on a mobile phone and auto adjust the wallet to the screen. For me the ideal Safecoin wallet would be a combination of Coinpunk, Copay and GoogleAuthenticator. HTML5, Multisig and GA as a login instead of a username and password. You could scan the GA qrcode with 3 phones and have 2 extra backups incase you loose a phone.

Why Doing Mobile Right Matters

I’ve been playing around with coinprism, it’s fun and all that you can create your own coin and send it to others. But what I’m really missing is the ease of use, I feel like I’m in a coinprison. Just making a transaction takes a lot of time and typing. Preferably you would offer your users (scanning qrcode or nfc etc) something easy to use. I’m not planning to use coinprism on my mobile anytime soon, because it’s just horrible to use. If your about to develop a Safecoin wallet, make it fast, easy and secure. If merchants can start accepting payments for free and in a secure manner, that will be the more reason to use Maidsafe eventually. A mobile phone is closer to the real world then a PC, because you can take it anywhere, without to much hassle. So if you create a wallet, let it shine on a mobile phone before anything else.