Mobile Browser keeps stopping

I can’t login to github atm so will put here…

Reproducible on Android 7
Was Browser connected to shared section … visit some site and the click the left pointing triangle which normally has the same effect as the bottom centre circle, for dropping out of app and back to desktop.
…but I wonder is simpler than that and clicking on browser start acknowledges the shared section, then clicking again crashes browser without visiting a site.

The circle works fine but the ? backwards triangle crashes the browser in way only apparent when you return to it. Message “SAFE Browser has stopped. Open App again”… or if done multiple times “SAFE Browser keeps stopping. Close app.”

Image the showing the symbols… second from left on the bottom row, that is the phone controls rather than the app.


Hey @davidpbrown, when you say left triangle, do you mean back button in bottom bar in the app or the OS back button?

After reading the msg again. It’s clear you are talking about the OS back button.

Yes OS back button is a better name for it.

I was able to reproduce the issue and I have raised a PR to fix this. Other than the fix, I have added a minor change to show a toast msg when the OS back button is pressed. As you must seen in many different apps, to close the app user will have press the back button twice.


Not seen that before but I like the idea… it’s never obvious to me when I’ve closed an app and when it’s in the background… especially with a data using app, nice to give clear option for toast.


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