Browser 32bits crashed issue

[I just got on SAFE Network, so this may be the wrong way to give this kind of feedback]

I tried safe://jams.demo/ having just got onto SAFE Network with the help I got in this topic: Has the SAFE Network been launched yet? - #6 by SalvorinFex

When I clicked the ‘+’ sign in the middle of the page the browser crashed.


hmhmmm not sure if this is a browser issue @hunterlester or an issue with jams and 32bit :open_mouth: @Nigel … in any case it will be realted to the 32bit i would assume because everything works fine here with 64bit standard safe :thinking:

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It’s all good. This kind of feedback is highly coveted because it’s easy to become familiar with the setup process and forget about all the challenges that new people experience.
Thank you for taking the time to play with our software.

I’ll boot up my vm and see what’s going on over there. Hopefully I can see a bit of the Jams source code to find out what is immediately being called by native library.


Just curious what browser version is being used? I haven’t tested on any of the newer versions of either browsers. At the time I recommended Peruse 0.4.1. I think it could be because of running 32-bit. I haven’t tested with 32-bit but I’ll look into it.

When building the app we’ve had Safe browser 0.7.0 crash in mock but that was all fixed. Bryan will be doing code cleanup in a few weeks after some other stuff is finished and I’ll see if he can test 32-bit with the app to make sure it works fine.


Yeah, same here on 32-bit Ubuntu.

After clicking on circle-plus icon, I see authorisation request in SAFE Browser, then it crashes.

The last two logs in my authenticator log file are a GetMDataValue response event and a ListMDataEntries response event. No errors though.

The last log in my safe_app log is also a GetMDataValue response event with no errors.

However, my terminal is of interest:

[16982:0321/] Out of memory.
#0 0x0000090c9a2f <unknown>
#1 0x00000908f053 <unknown>
#2 0x0000090a9b49 <unknown>
#3 0x00000912cb3c <unknown>
#4 0x0000090d63fc malloc
#5 0x000095cd8df9 __rdl_alloc
#6 0x000095153fa4 __rust_alloc
#7 0x00009522af6d <unknown>
#8 0x00009522eb49 self_encryption::sequencer::Sequencer::new_as_vector::h5f827d8251c3bf5e
#9 0x000094fe69a5 <unknown>
#10 0x000095019f23 <unknown>
#11 0x000095092940 <unknown>
#12 0x000094ff0668 <unknown>
#13 0x000095092cd0 <unknown>
#14 0x000094f86b53 <unknown>
#15 0x00009501300e <unknown>
#16 0x000095092880 <unknown>
#17 0x000094f86b53 <unknown>
#18 0x000094ffe9bc <unknown>
#19 0x000095093150 <unknown>
#20 0x000094f868b3 <unknown>
#21 0x000094ffcd8c <unknown>
#22 0x000095092dc0 <unknown>
#23 0x000094f866d3 <unknown>
#24 0x0000950baee2 <unknown>
#25 0x00009502b588 <unknown>
#26 0x000094f931a2 <unknown>
#27 0x0000950b4cdb <unknown>
#28 0x0000950393de <unknown>
#29 0x000094f8672f <unknown>
#30 0x0000952427ff <unknown>
#31 0x000095244e7d <unknown>
#32 0x000095246b42 <unknown>
#33 0x00009523a316 <unknown>
#34 0x0000952362ac tokio_core::reactor::Core::poll::h8a5308b78f7a89ee
#35 0x000095143921 <unknown>
#36 0x0000950f5a0c <unknown>
#37 0x000095062081 <unknown>
#38 0x000095cf4673 __rust_maybe_catch_panic
#39 0x000095057932 <unknown>
#40 0x000095131606 <unknown>
#41 0x000095ce93dc <unknown>
#42 0x0000b6390295 start_thread
#43 0x0000b49da0ae clone

cc: @nbaksalyar @bochaco

By the way, I can initialise and authorise an app with the API playground at safe:// with no problem but if I navigate to any other site on Alpha2 that requires my client to download over a certain amount of data, I get the same exact crash. @Nigel This isn’t an issue unique to Jams.



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I now experience the same crash when opening safe://listy. Other conditions identical.

Opening apps from the Alpha 2 Community Websites, Apps & SAFE Messaging IDs thread, is there some way I can tag the owner of the app in question? (Or rather how can I see to whom the app belongs?)

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