New Release: SAFE Mobile Browser v0.2 & Safe Mobile Authenticator v0.1.4

Since we launched the very first SAFE Mobile Browser last month, we’ve been working non-stop to deliver you the next iteration with brand new features. We’ve also taken the time to fix some bugs that were causing issues, all detailed out in this post.

What’s new in the SAFE Mobile Browser v0.2:

Dark Mode

One that I’m sure many of you will be excited about, we’ve now implemented dark mode to this version of the mobile browser. Check out the table below which shows you how to switch to dark mode, and what this looks like across the app.

Image Download

This is a great new feature! Now, you can download images from a SAFE site which will be stored on your device.

New progress bar

This new feature enables you to see the loading progress for a SAFE site.

Before Now

Navigation gestures on iOS

Now the mobile browser supports navigation gestures to navigate (back and forward) between the web pages on iOS devices.

Other major changes and bug fixes

  • Added options to see the list of log files in the settings page.
  • Fixed an issue which was converting the numerical safe:// address into IP address on Android devices and users weren’t able to use fetch the websites.
  • Enable landscape mode for iOS devices.

Check out all the changes in this release in the changelog file.

What’s new in the SAFE Authenticator v0.1.4:

  • Updated the app to use the full screen on iPads
  • Updated UI to improve the experience on big screen devices (Android & iOS)

You can read about all the changes in this release in the changelog file.

Download and Install

App OS & Architecture Download Link QR Code
Mobile Browser Android 5.1+ (armeabi-v7a,x86_64) AppCenter, Github
Mobile Browser iOS 11+ (ARM64, x64) AppCenter
Mobile Authenticator Android 4.2+ (armeabi-v7a,x86_64) AppCenter , Github
Mobile Authenticator iOS 8+ AppCenter


  • Alpha network access


  • iOS

    • If you haven’t already signed up for AppCenter, you can register for iOS builds here by just providing your email address and then you’ll soon receive a link to invitation for registration and then…you’re off!
  • Android

    • If a Blocked by Play Protect pops up during installation, just click install anyway.
    • if you aren’t able to install the new SAFE mobile app even after uninstalling the older version please follow the given steps to clear the play store app’s cache. The steps may differ based on the OS version and device vendor.

Steps: Settings → Apps → Google Play Store → storage → clear cache and storage.

And then try installing again using APK you downloaded.

If you already have the mobile browser on your device, we recommended uninstalling before downloading the latest version

Contribute or to give feedback

As an open-source project, we’re excited to accept contributions to the code from outside of our immediate team and we aim to make that as easy as possible. Details of how to contribute are all over on GitHub, or if you prefer, just add any feedback to this post and our team will pick it up.


Ashi is very proud of your work team @maidsafe! Cats will once again rule the world thanks to your work! :speak_no_evil: :smirk_cat: :speak_no_evil:




I’m going to use this website in next release screenshots.


Me and Yvette in the dark


Great work ! AND it works !


Great update! Authenticator crashed on me though. I couldn’t copy paste the crash report which would nice :wink: but here’s a screen recording that can be watched and paused of me scrolling through it.

Screen recording


Hey @Nigel, thanks for informing, I’ll prioritise and check this first in morning. Will update here with the findings.

BTW which iOS version you are using in device?


on my phone, android 9, works fine


Looking good on my Android 9PKQ1! Got the :heart_eyes_cat: downloaded.


2 Pieces of good feedback there. Thanks Nigel


Latest release provided in this thread my man :slightly_smiling_face:


I had to uninstall the previous version of authenticator before it let me install the new one.

I downloaded and installed the binary from github.

Dark mode enabled… :sunglasses:


Not the app version @Nigel. The iOS OS version use are using on the device.


I’ve downloaded both the browser and authenticator for iOS. The browser is working fine, but each time I get past entering my credentials for the authenticator it initially loads then crashes.

I have updated my IP address and tried this three times, but keeps crashing.


Ahh apologies! I updated to the most recent version 12.4.1 just this morning.

As a side note I was using my VPN over mobile which has worked fine in the past, Browser was working fantastically. Only had the issue with the Authenticator, in fact the same scenario as @David_MacGregor


I am not able to update my ip.
Anyone else in my boat?


Jesus Christ you guys are amazing.

Is this the Chennai office making these?

This is world class tech. Absolutely beautiful.

Great job MaidSafe! Almost scary how close things are. Really though.

Now they need to find whoever can work on the new social network, or new apps. Wish some rich companies could notice soon and start building cool new social projects.

Are you trying to find companies and talk to them at your events? Ones with proper dev teams and enough resources to really make some world class clean apps etc?

Or are you planning any? That would really be a good way to make sure the world takes this network in a proper, positive direction. Set the example, MaidSafe!


I updated my IP last night worked fine for me. :thinking:

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Still not working for me… cant wait to get past this IP malarkey.