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I purchased MaidsafeCoin token in the original ICO back in 2014. I have now reached a young age in my mid 60’s. I do not see my tokens on but do see my tokens when I enter my token address using Omniwallet Balance Check. Could someone tell me how difficult it will be to convert my tokens to Safecoin? I have a growing concern as time passes I may find this procedure overwhelming. If anyone has insight on how Maidsafe plans to proceed with the token swap it would be greatly appreciated for a short explanation.

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It should be very simple and straightforward 1 for 1 swap
There was a long debate about this a good while back and IIRC a procedure that was simple and most folk eventually agreed was provably fair got decided on.

Link to that discussion to follow but dont worry there will be plenty assistance. Thanks for sticking with us :slight_smile:

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