David & Nick to appear on Max Keiser's show next Tuesday & Thursday

Stacy Herbert from the Max Keiser Show just told me a few minutes ago that the London taping went well. David & Nick will appear next week on Tuesday and Thursday. Watch it yourself. Tell everyone you know. Tweet it, squeak it or whatever it takes to get the word out. This is a call-to-action to the entire maidsafe.org community to pitch in now and leverage this publicity. I know that it took @dirvine’s head out the code and this is a cost to the project at such a critical time. Let’s make it worth the cost by making this the moment that the world hears about MaidSafe. It’s that time, oh good and faithful SAFE Network pioneers! Let’s get talking!!!


i reposted on twitter, fb and etc for you :wink:

also let the troll on poloniex know Poloniex - Crypto Asset Exchange


Thanks, Bro! I appreciate people who take it on to put the word out about MaidSafe!

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