Maidsafe on Australian FM Radio!

OK so there is this radio station in Australia that is listened to nation wide by mostly young people. Its a non commercial radio station called Triple J and every evening at 5:30pm they have a talk back current affairs style show called “Hack” where they discuss almost anything but I have noticed that they love topics on technology and they will usually connect that discussion with a current issue for example in the last few months they have discussed bit torrents and meta data retention at least a dozen times.

I have a good hunch that if enough of us ask them to do the story they will likely do it. In fact I have better than a hunch :wink:

It’s easy to communicate with them and recommend they do a story on something. All you need to do is go here or tweet them @triplejHack


Great effort! This would be a fabulous opportunity for MaidSafe to expand. I wonder if awaiting a solid launch may be the best time to reachout or possibly using Triple J to springboard developers in Aussieland could be your angle?

Looked at their twitter …real active & 54k follows

Nice catch @goindeep !


JJJ…nice idea, why not make contact with the Brisbane High School class that is following the SAFE Network…it’s right in their demographic to drive this:

Here they are :smile:


That is awesome.

I will make contact and take it from there.



Were the students receptive to the idea?

Have not heard back as of yet.

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Sorry goindeep. We are on Easter school holidays until the end of this week. I think this is a great idea that the students can help out with and will definitely discuss it with them when they return next week :slight_smile:

The only thing I would suggest is that maybe we should wait until testnet 3 is functional and can be “played with” by the average person before reaching out to Triple J? I’m just thinking that it might gain a lot more positive attention from listeners if they could say “download the test software and see how it works for yourself” rather than just explaining the theory?

I might be wrong about this, but I’m also cautious to not bring a very large audience to the project too early. I’m wondering if a large addition of new followers might actually be counter-productive to the project at this stage if it means a whole lot more pressure for specific timelines and questioning from the general, currently uninformed, masses? Is there an optimal time for this type of mass-exposure? Should we wait even longer (until beta)?

I also wonder if we inadvertently make life more complicated than necessary getting lots of people to start using the testnet who might not fully understand that the data put to the network will be destroyed prior to the full beta release? I can imagine some bad press if we had a number of people “lose” their data on “that new safe net thing” simply because they didn’t realize they weren’t using the final permanent version.

Beyond Triple J I believe there are lots of commentators worth reaching out to when we can agree as a community on the best timing. This week on the Investors Podcast ( they did a show on Bitcoin that was very similar to the type/style of story I think we would like to see out there for the general population on the Safe Network. There are lots of people we can approach, but I’d just like to be confident that the timing is well considered before we do so that we aren’t accidentally creating additional headaches for David, Nick and the team :smile:


Your probably right about Beta, I should imagine Nick is working on some press packages that could be linked to when the time is right.

Maybe @nicklambert has a marketing timeline/ plan in mind :wink:

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I cant know either way whether it would be better to wait until Testnet3 or not but because this is decentralized it would be kind of accepted I would imagine that people reach out to others and spread the word. We are all adults at the end of the day and explaining to someone that this ‘idea’ is currently in test phase would not be much of a problem I would not suspect. Remember that radio stations need talking points and so Maidsafe would probably just be mentioned and at most they may have a representative or spokes person on to talk about discussion points like Snowden, NSA etc.

I think that you are right about things like this needing the right amount of momentum at the right time, not too little and not too much.

However I chose Triple J because they will only dedicate 30 minutes to their show in full and usually only between a couple of minutes to a maximum of about 15-20 minutes to the one story as well as their audience probably being the most geared in Australia to this sort of thing.

I suppose the talking points and segway into Maidsafe would be ‘decentralized and safe Internet’ because of ‘NSA, spying, security’ in general, but more specific to Aus, ‘meta-data retention, torrents, legislation’ This would be easy for their audience to swallow and more importantly on-topic with the whole current metadata retention news and The Dallas Buyers Club issue.

Hearing from would be good.

At the end of the day has currently featured on Techcrunch, Keiser Report, Motherboard, Forbes etc.

Others I have thought about are Alex Jones, although he is a bit out there I think his freedom loving libertarian listeners would be primed towards this. Another would be Joe Rogans pod cast.

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I think that we need to ‘keep our powder dry’ until we have something significant and new to say and getting coverage when we actually have something that JJJ listeners can use (test net 3 or beta) would give us far more benefit than just informing people about the project. I think @goindeep captures this sentiment well:

I am working on a launch plan @chrisfostertv that includes building up a list of media, opinion leaders, analysts and journalists that we will approach as we continue along the roadmap to release so if anyone has more thoughts here please let me know. They should be well considered targets though. Strategic partnerships are also important and groups like Open Privacy, Big Brother Watch, Internet Archive (the list goes on) that seem to have a shared vision would also work well. I also think Joe Rogan would be a good one, @dirvine would make an excellent guest!


i would also add Rick Falkvinge to the list of people that can be approached…

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I hear Joe likes Jujitsu, Guinness and float tanks, I think @dirvine would be a great guest :slight_smile:


This guy Socrates that has a podcast called Singularity 101. He’s had vitalic on before and has had a few Bitcoin related discussions. I think talking with David about cars that own themselves, his passion for robotics and the implications of the safe network would be right up his alley.

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Hi all, update.

I have been contacted by someone from Triple J’s HACK show asking me to provide some more information.

How should I respond?

The response IMHO should be similar to an elevator pitch; short, concise, interesting and should leave them wanting to talk about this on their radio show or at least ask for even more information.

@nicklambert and @dirvine what are your thoughts? Feel free to PM me.

I would like to reply by close of business today, my time AEST. Thanks


Nice @goindeep! Some thoughts on what to provide:

In essence, the SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) Network, is a server less, p2p, data and communications network, that is able to compliment and in time potentially replace data centres with the spare computing resources of the network’s users. The following video provides a decent high level overview: MaidSafe Technology Overview - Short - YouTube.

Capable of handling both structured and unstructured data, we anticipate the SAFE network will be capable of providing the infrastructure for any web service in existence today, including: storage/collaboration, video, VOIP, social networks…etc…and in time, smart contracts and computation. The following blog post helps to put the network in context with the existing centralised Internet: The Architecture of the SAFE Network | by MaidSafe | safenetwork | Medium

At the heart of the network is a crypto graphic token/coin called safecoin. The purpose of this is to incentivise behaviour from specific groups. In order to have a network we require end users to provide their computing resource. This is akin to mining in bitcoin without the wasted resource, we call this group ‘farmers’. In order that farmers feel compelled to contribute to SAFE, the network (not MaidSafe) rewards each each farmer in safecoin, the amount relating to how much resource they provided.

We also require app developers to create applications for the network and again we use safecoin as a built-in revenue stream. Each developer will code their safecoin wallet address into their application and based on how much it is used, the network rewards them in safecoin. In both cases, farmers and app developers can use these safecoins for other services (storage, VOIP minutes…etc…) on the network, or alternatively, take safecoin to a decentralised exchange and change them for bitcoins, or even cash. This paper provides more detail:

Development status: MaidSafe are currently just about to move into the third of 3 test nets prior to beta launch later this year, progress can be tracked here.

Hopefully this will provide a decent overview, let us know how you get on, or if you need any of these points clarified. Once again, thanks for all your help!