Maidsafe is hiring question

Hello, just want to ask the HR team, or anyone involved if the hiring process for digital marketing managers is completed? I cannot see those job offers open on indeed website, therefore Im currious. Thanks in advance for reply.

Keep an eye on this site

There is also a contact email address on that page that you can use to get an answer to your question.

You may or may not get an answer here. Luck of the draw stuff.


Partially, we are getting there, but need to tell them first :wink: Seriously though, it is happening right now, finalising some positions, but we still have not filled them all.


So I’m currently a programmer/production scheduler for a top-tier house-lifting/structural movers construction company (yes that’s correct I actually lift houses/structures and move them).

Prior to working for my current company I was a developer operations (developer operations) programmer (Dev-ops is a nice title they gave me which means I wrote code for fixes on live production systems) for a large multi-regional bank. I worked on mortgage systems, fiserv systems, Asset Quality was the department I was mostly in charge of. I worked on about 140 different business applications and maintained them as well as fixed bugs, etc… the whole she-bang.

At my current job I’m both part of the business unit, and part developer.

I very much understand how to implement supporting software for business life cycles, and to streamline them for efficiencies.

I’ve been scrum master more times than I can count. I’ve worked with a diverse group of ethnicities and religions, and LOVE people.

I’m pretty happy with my current job, but hypothetically speaking is there a career position in MAID safe for me as a business programmer?


Those positions are all in Scotland, not sure where you are but you are more than welcome to apply for sure. If you can take a position locally you should ping Nick a mail and get the process going. We always need good people, i have this thing where each new start should increase the average capability of the business (hire better than yourself kinda thing), so great people always welcome :slight_smile:


thanks for your time, Im a big fan of your project and believe in it as much as you do. Im currently building a website and forum for the Polish society interested in investing in this game changing project. There I will describe the whole purpose of this project and benefits for all us. I even invested my small savings as I believe in the bright future ahead for Maidsafe. Said all this, I wouldnt mind getting any kind small donation from the big shark holders out here , espetially from you mr dirvine who I guess holds big stack of safecoins hehe LOL :yum: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
:beers: cheers

You should ask some then :wink: Seriously though, does that ever work? You will find here the maidsafe team are the least likely to have much to do with coins at all, ever mind any being sharks. No crowd funding went to any team member and no coins either, unless they bought them like anyone else.


Pretty sure it was an attempt at humour, it’s all good :smile:

Yours wasn’t too bad either :wink:

@alexdata87 put the site etc together and you’ll find there’s a bunch of generous people here who will present themselves if your adding something of value :wink:


Hi. This post was deleted? Have you found the candidate?

Hi, we have recruited one candidate @Harvindar and once they have found their feet we will likely look for another.


Thanks Nick. Maid TFW​:relaxed::+1:t2:


Best of luck to them, and the team - it’s going to be a huge undertaking.

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Many thanks Robb! (20 characters)

Curious as to which site is current for the recruiting process?

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Indeed is where our roles and currently published: We will also advertise specific roles on other job boards and @victoria is also headhunting.


seems like this is quite a challange to actually find any good candidates in your area, or am I wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

The more specialised technical roles have been more of a challenge which is why we have a decentralised engineering team. The operational roles have been less of an issue.

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Saw this yesterday and found it quite interesting. You can really see why teams split into more and more specialised departments as they grow. I know it’s obvious really, but it is surprising how much a visualisation can crystallise obvious things.


Someone found a Spirograph squirrelled away in their attic for the past few decades, eh?


n * (n - 1) / 2 if anyone wants to calculate the private conversations possible between a group of people.