Maidsafe Instagram

Hello all!

I’m proud to announce my efforts to market Maidsafe to new users on Instagram:

I am running the account with the help of my friend and we have 200 followers already.

Please follow us, like and share our posts :slight_smile:


Followed :slight_smile: thanks!!

Represent homie!!! And keep it real


Am I the only one a bit weary of someone who just joined the forum running something like this?

No offense or anything @mr_g.

EDIT:I was guessing you mean well, but parties have meant well before and its turned ugly. Thanks for your effort and anything like this is exposure, which Maidsafe and The SAFE Network don’t get enough of!


It’s a valid concern. My comment seemed light hearted, maybe I should rephrase. Don’t Misrepresent…

Looking at it. Seems harmless. But again valid concern

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To me gives the impression that it is run by Maidsafe combined with the $10 aim could leave some noobs with the wrong impression.
I think the company name and logo should only be used by… the company.


Instagram seems better suited to documenting peoples’ lives (or food), but hey, whatever works.

Have to agree, if I was running Maidsafe I’d be asking for the logo to be replaced, and the word ‘unofficial’ to appear somewhere.

“Aim is to reach $10 on the cointicker app.”

Whose aim is that? I think I see what you mean but this isn’t a charity appeal with a target. And that seems rather arbitrary.

Sadly the internet / modern world has made me cynical and suspicious (or enhanced them at least).

But props for backing the project, regardless.


I agree. I can’t imagine MaidSafe wants to be associated with this. Maybe @nicklambert can comment on this.

Not sure how this will help the coin anyways. I don’t use instagram, but as far as I know it’s just people sharing pictures. How will sharing pictures of the market cap and exchange(s) help the project / coin? Has a faint smell of “scam in the making” if you ask me.


Hi @mr_g, thanks for helping to help promote the technology, while your efforts are appreciated I think it would make sense to clarify that the account is not run by MaidSafe. We always prefer transparency as it helps to minimise the risk of misunderstandings down the line. Many thanks.


Hi Nick :man_cartwheeling:t2:

Thanks for your feedback and encouragement! We have added the word “unaffiliated” to the Bio description!

Everyone please share ideas for what else we can post.


Your welcome, thanks for making the change. I wonder if remove ‘MaidSafe’ from the first line would help make things clearer, so from: ‘Maidsafe Spreading the word about Maidsafe Coin’. to ‘Spreading the word about MaidSafeCoin’ and keep the word ‘unaffiliated’ at the end.

I appreciate you taking the comments onboard and I’m sure the rest of the community would be happy to advise re the rest of the content.