MaidSafe Events for 2015

@ioptio and I are currently looking at events that MaidSafe should attend in 2015 with the aim of raising awareness of SAFE amongst end users, opinion leaders (tech, privacy advocates) and third party devs. So far we like the look of the following:

Converge - Edinburgh
The Next Web - Amsterdam
Launch - San Francisco
Mobile World Congress - Barcelona
Inside Bitcoins - New York
OSS 2015
European Trend Day - Zurich
International Start Up Festival - Montreal
Open Source Conferenece - Hong Kong

If there are other events you have come across that you think would be a good fit for us please post them here and we’ll take a look. I personally think consumer tech, open source, privacy and security events will play well, but we will very soon be in a position where we can actively engage with app developers, so events that achieve this are also welcome.


The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida - Jan 16th to 18th

PubCon Las Vegas Oct 5-9 2015 Pubcon Las Vegas 2015 Dates: Mark Those Calendars – Pubcon Pro

I’ve been meaning to ask you guys this very same question. The only suggestion I have is the Chaos Computer Club convention that is taking place from December 27th til the 30th. Here is the wiki

It’s basically a gathering of hackers, they have always had great speakers (Jacob Applebaum, Julian Assange etc) and as I understand it they have tremendous amount of clout among hackers. If there ever was a place for maidsafe to get a dedicated bunch of early adopters and devs it should be CCC

Here is Appelbaum on the last years convention, there are some neat videos on that channel as well.

As much stuff in China as humanly possible!!!

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Not sure about focussing too much on Bitcoin conferences for 2015. I think we will do some and I am going to be going to Inside Bitcoins NY in April as they have asked us to speak at it, however, I would like for us to move more into the mainstream this coming year. Pub Con looks more focussed on SEO, online advertising, digital marketing and social media, but I will take a closer look. Thanks for the suggestions.


I hope to finally meet you guys in person at TNW Amsterdam! MaidSafe is just frign awesome.


Definitely San Francisco and also definitely Montreal


Interesting looking event, cheers for the tip!

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Slush. It’s a big event that happens every year in Helsinki. The 2014 event was just last month, and in 2015 it should be around the same time. Source (I live here)

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Looks like a great event (I like the name) and really high profile. I’ll take a closer look.

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No specifics, but how about places where cloud storage providers tout their wares?

I agree with less geek, privacy etc. though they are current concerns for business too. Maybe use the Sony Pictures hack as a case study for security of data and comms, then wow them with the negligible cost of entry, and projected operating costs - just pay for use, virtually no admin (cloud like, but secure and available - and data that cannot be lost). Guess you know this better than me :slight_smile:

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