Maidsafe blog: Furthering An Open Internet with Open Wireless

To build a completely secured and decentralised Internet infrastructure requires looking at the problem from many angles and on many layers. Currently, MaidSafe focuses on decentralising the Internet on top of existing networking layers using as many modes of connectivity as possible such as WiFi, or Ethernet to connect to the SAFE Network’s global, peer-to-peer Internet. It is extremely important for individuals using the network to have access to such connectivity methods thus it must be an area of consideration. That is not to say MaidSafe is looking to build these protocols, we have our hands full already, but rather support efforts already in development which align with our mission to decentralise the Internet for everyone.


Furthering An Open Internet with Open Wireless is one of the topics we will be discussing this at next LIFE IS PEOPLE podcast ANTS meet up SATURDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER 20HRS GMT - all are welcome
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