Lte celluar phone ran on the safe network


I have really enjoyed exploring the forum and reading @dirvine s blog, thanks to everyone for all the info.

After mega info overload I thought I would make a contribution using all this new SAFE info I have learnt from everyone.

I have been thinking about how mobile phones will play a role in the future SAFE network.

Using LTE Direct you could allow devices within 500m of each other to Transmit and receive data with each other. If people ran SAFE vaults on their phones then they could support the network without the need for PSTN (Public switched telephone networks) or Celluar networks. You will also be able to run computers this way soon.

This could be good for the SAFE networks ideology of access for everyone.

If a hypothetical situation occurred where a government decided to switch of the PSTN stopping the SAFE network by shutting of the data pipeline then you could still keep the network going through peer to peer mobile phone networks.

Would also be great for infrastructure deprived areas of the world.

You could possibilly run a decentralized celluar network fully encrypted on the SAFE network.

Does anyone know how Dynamic data of this kind would be dealt with by the network?
You would not be storing data but data would be moving peer to peer. Would it be treated as an app?




There will be safe on phones but it will not able to run vaults. It’ll be like bitcoin lite clients such as, mycelium, etc. All it does is plug into the safenet, and browse/upload stuff. If the phone can run vaults, it’ll run out of battery in matter of minutes.

Meshnet phones is really needed but it won’t work until there is a meshnet towers and routers. So that will be 5-10 years down in the road.


Ahem, there will be vaults on phones. Just not right away. Baby steps: first a client… then vaults! :slight_smile:


Running vaults on phone will drain the battery in matter of minutes. Phone will drop connections a lot so it is really bad idea to have vaults on the phone.

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While charging and on wifi we may stand a chance. Let your phone earn it’s electric bill overnight perhaps, maybe more :wink:


Have a look at the post below, maybe LTE-Direct is what the guy (referenced at the top of the post) had in mind…I never got a reply as to exactly what tech he was refering to.


Thanks for the pointer. Some great info there. This post does mention LTE Direct which I believe will be capable of reasonable data transfer on a peer to peer network. No Masts.

It would really be amazing if one day we had completely decentralized telecommunications infrastructure and a decentralized internet running upon it.


are you sure about that? from my understanding (which is not very detailed, I have to admit :wink: ) LTE Direct is by far not as potent as Celltower-LTE and more likely to be used for service-discovery and stuff like that.

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No I am not 100% about the theory but from what I have read it is supposed to be good at file transfer peer to peer. I guess to use the mesh as a peer to peer network the data would have to be compressed to extremely small sizes to tunnel from phone A to phone Z 13km away via B through Y.

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Well, I think in most cases that would be abridged by some cable-connections and (at least in the beginning) transfers over the “old” internet.

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I agree, i don’t think it would replace the tower infrastructure traditionally used but my whole line of thinking stemmed from imagining a situation where a totalitarian government shut down the telecommunications network. If people needed to get data out of the country it could effectively leak to the outside world through a meshed LTE network.

More of a thought experiment really.

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