Low tech examples of making profit from farming

I’d just like to throw out some very simple scenarios and try to get short and simple answers focusing purely on trying to earn Safe Tokens from farming.

So here are 4 just basic scenarios, who will most likely be earning more SNT and why.

Both people are able to keep the computers running 24-7, and have good internet speeds.

Alice: running the safe client at home using a NAS device with 20TB total storage capacity

(I don’t know if this makes a difference anymore but in case it does)

in one scenario Alice splits the 20TB into 20 x 1TB vaults.

in the second scenario Alice splits 20TB into 40 x 500GB vaults

Bob: running a 100TB NAS

in the third scenario Bob splits 100TB into 100 x 1TB vaults

in the fourth scenario Bob splits 100TB into 200 x 500GB vaults

Who is earning more Tokens and why?


The determining factor in your scenarios is bandwidth and processing power.

In all cases the storage will not be utilised effectively.

All nodes have the same storage size to ensure they all fill up at similar rates and thus the charging algorithm will result in similar costs across the network. Obviously there will be variation between nodes across the network but these will be more on a random basis and still of a similar nature. Also having the same size means that nodes will have a similar ability to earn from storing data.

The network is geared to be of a fair nature in both ability to earn and the client getting economic pricing.

Technically from this if I setup a node with more storage then it will still only fill up a similar amount compared to other nodes neighbouring the node. It receives the same store requests no matter its size above the standard and when new nodes appear close to it, it will stop being the closest node for some of its chunks and thus offload them since no one will be requesting those chunks from it and allow freeing up of unused space.

For someone with 20TB (or more) the aim would be to run as many nodes as possible for their infrastructure (NAS structure, networking, bandwidth to/from internet). Also the machine capacity to run those nodes, be it multiple machines or a 2 cpu EPIC server with 198 cores and memory to match.


So lets say both Alice and Bob are using the same NAS device with same CPU, and they both have about the same internet speeds.

Are the earning the same over a month for example?

Or is Bob earning more because he has 400 vaults?

First i doubt 400 nodes will run on most consumer PCs

Its 2GB yes 2000MB or min of 2000 chunks storage size per node and indications are that any increase for launch would still be in the minimal GB size per node. At that size 400 nodes (if possible on PC) would be 800GB and even if increased to 10GB per node it would be 4TB.

So with both using the same setup, except overall NAS size, so the one that runs more nodes would earn more. 400 nodes would probably bottleneck the CPU. Even if every node used 0.25% of CPU then that is 100% CPU. And memory might be an issue

Basic equation is how many nodes can be run. 2GB disk per node and I think its <100MB memory per node. 20 nodes is what most limit it to on VPS and prob good for most consumer PCs


That clears things up, good for doing the basic math when buying your NAS device for people like me who will be doing that.


Personally I would simply put a 2 or 4TB drive into a consumer PC if I didn’t already have a big enough drive. NAS is good if multiple machines will be using it and you don’t want to buy an extra drive for each machine (if they need it)

Safe is already the equivalent of RAID (actually better than any SOHO NAS). If your drive dies then simply replace it and run up new nodes. The loss in earning capacity is only the time to replace the drive. NAS, unless you have one already, is not economical to buy for Safe in my opinion. Put the money into a few small machines and that will make you more earning capacity than the same money spent on a NAS


I get what you’re saying. But since I game on my main machine (and its a laptop thats getting turned off and on and taken places) I can’t keep safe vaults up 24-7 as I’d want to.

So I want a small ‘set-top box’ like device, with its own operating system (I thought Synology NAS would be the best) and just have that device being a stand alone safe network all-in-one.

People have been running multiple nodes on a RPi, cheap, runs linux and can add a SATA drive to it. Much cheaper than any NAS and you could get a few for the same price as a NAS


I’m kinda thinking lots of Pi-zero’s with NAS. Then just run as many nodes on each one as feasible. That would keep the power costs down pretty low.


Yea, I was just thinking of that and wondering about the CPU. But if that’s working good for people then I probably would go for something like that.

Keep an eye on the next testnet and see what people say who are running these small SBCs

This is one benefit to the testnets - we learn the abilities of the various hardware used out there.



This would be very nice to have the pi-zero in a case on the top of a stack of encased M.2 SSD drives that all stack on top of each other and connect with short cables.

Tiny, highly portable, Safe NAS.


LOL, RPi can be used to make a NAS but forget NAS performance. There is a youtuber that does a lot with RPi and has run many NASes with them, but always its a “Yes you can do it, but should anyone do this”


Fair enough. I don’t know what performance level would be needed here, so …

Just go with direct attached drive. Much faster and cheaper.

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much faster for sure … I don’t know about cheaper. I already have spare Pi-4’s sitting around. And a large megadrive as opposed to lot of smaller ones is questionable in terms of cost - at least to my mind, but I confess I haven’t looked into it lately.

Mount the drive as a NFS drive on the other RPi machines. Gives you the “benefits” that NAS would give for Safe without the overheads and cost

But since nodes are 2GB in size, you don’t need much drive space for each RPi


Whats the most powerful RasPi currently?

How many vaults would that be able to run?

dunno and if you watch the next testnet’s thread (ask there too) and see what others say.