The economics of farming Safecoin

I recall that anyone can farm, but that those providing storage that rates “above the network average” farm at a substantially higher rate. Thinking a bit about this I’m not sure it is desirable, so I would like to:

  1. Understand and document the current proposal for how farming operates
  2. Debate this and any alternative proposals for consideration by SAFE community

@dirvine and others - regarding 1), what are the best places for me to read up on this so I can summarise here? Please don’t say in the code! :wink:

Documentation I’m Aware Of:

Only slightly (10-20%) then the rate dramatically drops. This is required for the supply/demand balance. Better to have lots of vaults slightly above network average. This is the sigmoid curve that I have alluded to but not yet documented properly. I will make an attempt to document this soon, stuck in some data races just now :smile:

The web site will change with a documentation section this week, any unanswered technical questions should be answered there. We can use the comments sections to identify where clarification is required.

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This should be the section we update I think

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