[Look here if you can't log in] Changing the forum domain

With the domain change, we lost the ability to log in with Facebook and X (Twitter). If you have such a problem, click on forgotten password and use the email with which you are registered on Facebook or X (Twitter) for recovery. Another possible problem is that you don’t have cookies allowed for the site, to fix it follow these steps:

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More. Settings.
  3. Click Privacy and security. Third-party cookies. …
  4. Next to ‘Allowed to use third-party cookies’, click Add.
  5. Select Add.
  6. Enter the web address: autonomi.community

Heads up, we are in the process of changing the forum domain to autonomi.community. The old domain will still be active!

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Can also do domain forwarding from safenetwork.com to autonomi.community


I hope the “a” looking thing is not the new logo it’s hideous and much worse than the previous one.

Sorry for writing this after a long ausence but I am having lots of doubts about this rebranding.


That is until you look closely and see that the A is actually an ant’s head, then you start to enjoy it!

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I see there is another thread addressing the topic, sorry for hijacking this one


I agree with @Dimitar, plus the moment when you see that it’s more than just an ant head with an antenna; if you look at it just right, you’ll likely see a teenage mutant ninja turtle face (cocked to the side). At least that’s how my perverse mind works. Let the ant’s eye be a mouth and the space between the antenna and the head be a mask, and you’ll see it. Once seen, it will be with you always. I love it.


Now I cocked my head to one side, I see a man’s face, with a side parting, moustache and beard, maybe shouting :grinning:


Changing the domain makes everyones yubikey/passkey 2fa not work anymore. So they can’t logging if they have no other 2fa method configured. The domain is tied to the 2fa, that’s the reason why it’s safe against fishing attacks. It would generate a different Code on a fishing site, that’s not valid on the real site.

Edit: is there a way to just remove all old keys?

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There is no such setting unfortunately, I have sent an inquiry to the Discourse team.

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Okay here’s my take: I like to think of the logo design with a Yin-Yang balance quality to it, where the white shape on the bottom and the dark shape on the top are the ant’s eyes. But I see the ant head profile too with the antenna.

And that ninja turtle has a Batman mask on :flushed:

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I lost access to the forum due to the domain change, thanks @neo for the help


Regarding the logo:

I understand the ant history, but i do not see that the ant logo works with well with the name autonomi.

  1. the logo is not obviously an ant. I didn’t see it until reading this thread.

  2. Ants are generally not regarded as autonomous, rather a collective, so pretty much the opposite.

  3. Safe nodes can perhaps be considered ants, as part of the network collective.

  4. But the name autonomi seems to be referring to self-sovereignty of the individual user, not a node. That’s a mis-match. The logo and name are conveying different ideas rather than reinforcing eachother. a marketing no-no?

  5. A much better known image for self-sovereignty and “autonomi” would be the gadsden flag “don’t tread on me” rattlesnake. Of course, that is politically charged these days and used all over the place, so I’m not advocating for it, at all, just saying something like that would make immediate sense without deep study. Perhaps a porcupine, or skunk. :wink:

  6. I don’t expect the logo wlll change. I get that it’s a nod to the project’s history, philosophy, etc and intended to be subtle. just voicing my initial reaction.

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I note that logging in with Facebook and X no longer works, the former want you to be a verified business, the latter want money. Anyone who has an account created with them and can’t log in should create a new account and write to me to restore their access after verification.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


It refers to both the the autonomy of the network itself and the autonomy it gives the individuals using it.


Should we put a pinned note about that where people who are locked out can easily get the message?


Exactly. Further, ants are ultimately dependent and at the service of a single entity: the queen. When looking at ants from the outside, it looks like each are their own entity and autonomous, etc. But the picture is entirely different when you go more than skin deep. An ant colony is entirely dependent on its queen and will die without it. Only the queen reproduces, is fed the most, and controls the entire colony using pheromones. It’s a completely centralized society where if you kill the queen, you kill the whole colony (i.e., in the presence of sophisticated adversaries the stygmergy system is weak). This theme is played on a lot in science fiction movies too (and so wedged deep in the public consciousness) where the hero just has to get to the queen to win at last.

So the ant / stygmergy analogy isn’t so attractive for the network if you observe ants deeper than what’s at the surface. Or is it? Maybe the foundation will be the queen if not handled carefully.

PS: I do otherwise like the name “autonomi”

The queen is not in control and I’m not sure you are correct that the colony dies if she dies. I’m pretty sure that’s wrong but you can check.

Also she’s as much in service, as an egg machine, to the colony as every other ant.

The fact humans choose to name her queen says more about them than ant colonies.

Colonies are the antithesis to centralisation, and the analogy between ants and nodes is both sound, and reflects the influence of ant behaviour on the design it the network.

Through this people may in fact dispel some myths about ants as well as learn about the importance of decentralised systems for their own autonomy.


I agree here. You can even say that her service is so critical that she’s the entire colony.

This could turn into philosophical takes on the meaning of “control”. But for practical purposes, the queen is the colony. Every other ant comes from her and is an extension of her. It’s super impressive and in the absence of a sophisticated adversary or significant outside pressure, the system is very efficient (as is every centralized system). When the queen dies, depending on the species, a larvae is fed special food or a worker is induced to become the new queen. But this transition still depends on signaling from the old queen (her death) and requires time that the system doesn’t have in the presence of sophisticated adversaries.

In colonies, the work is decentralized, but the control is centralized. And the most critical, primordial work of perpetuation of the colony is also centralized.

If so then people who really understand these societies (ants, bees, termites) will wonder who has the control on the network. Yes, nodes are decentralized, but who’s the queen pulling the strings using sophisticated pheromones that the non-initiated are completely blind to?

Correct. They make a new queen. Flying ants anyone :wink: and they can have a new one for their colony too. They join 7 eggs together and they end up being a singular queen

Bees are the same.

But the queen does not fit so well in the ant analogy, but not every analogy has to be absolutely perfect, and most people can see past some minor differences with analogies.