LIFE IS PEOPLE #76 Whiteout Mashups

Whiteout-Mashups is a member of San Francisco SAFE pod. Project SAFE is a nearly decade year old work in progress to build a secure and free decentralized Internet. It has culminated into a world-wide network of builders.
San Francisco SAFE Pod are creating a hub of these builders in San Francisco who will be working together to maintain the core protocol and develop applications that use the SAFE network
Whiteout-Mashups can do mashups live and is a developer with expertise in HTML5, CSS3, bash.

Topics discussed - SAFEnetwork and the devoloped world
Potential SAFEnetwork apps
the singularity
SAFEnetwork and the arts
San Francicso SAFE pod

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Huge S/O to @whiteoutmashups for a really insightful discussion

keep slayin+


as mentioned in conversation Aubrey de Grey interviewed by Ray Kurzweil

I was talking to the dev for demonsaw today, and he said he maybe doing some app development with the safe network…


I enjoy watching your youtube video’s, I think you should put the best together and make a movie.

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with every step people connect networks are forged the ERA of the creative is rising

Oil on canvas

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with every step