Ben goes to Amsterdam and explains SAFE

Nice quick overview.


thanks for posting that interview

…especially the part with distributed computing is very interesting i think :smiley: … it would be so cool if you had a distributed FEM-Simulation tool … of course it would be pretty expensive in safecoins but compared to the local computation power you need right now for this type of application it could be way cheaper :slight_smile: faster and cheaper FEM simulation … i like the possibilities coming with maidsafe


Good thing is this kind of computation is now possible as the halting problem has been resolved and we can use tools like zk-snarks etc. to ensure there is no misuse and in fact measure payments in safecoin if appropriate.

I would love to see computation available to all FOC though if we could. Especially for medical, educational and research then it would be amazing. Then add in semantic analysis and you start to have thinking machines proper. Imagine giving all known elements and diseases and asking “how do we cure X” where X is anything and then ask what happens if we did cure X in this way?

We are entering a new era and with careful thought here we can do something amazing. As long as we stick to the mantra “it’s not about the money, it’s 100% about the value to humanity”, then we will do incredibly useful work.


As long as maidsafe itself sticks to that mantra everything will be fine =)
companies won’t but thats ok too … they can use maidsafe (eg with FEM) to produce expensive generators … and one guy will use it to develop an easy to build, highly optimized open source generator, controlled by an arduino and people can produce their own energy supply for free =) and since maidsafe is free of censorship nobody has the power to prevent that from happening :slight_smile:

the same with medical and educational topics … =) extraordinary times to come for humanity


This topic leads to dreaming. Like pulling all the great discoveries in the early 1900’s by doctors and physicists, educators and artists forward out of suppression and catapult the remnants of their stolen secrets into a fabulous future. Sweet dreams.

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