Kim dot com internet 2 initiative

Are the Maidsafe developers aware that kim dot com is going to attempt to crowd fund a second generation internet if that’s a correct term to use so it could be advantageous to contact him. He may already know of Maidsafe and just wants to do his own thing, but you never know. Just thought I’d mention it, but most likely the dev team will know.

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Yes it was up here multiple times in the past and a bit discussed. use the magnifier glass and enter e.g dotcom


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Yes I believe what you say is correct. Don’t get me wrong I want Maidsafe and I want it now :smile: but I know all that can be done is being done and I appreciate that. I am sorry that I cannot help being ignorant of coding except many years ago I did do some basic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: which is not entirely in the same league as C++ I thought people on this forum and the devs would know about it, but no harm in asking. Keep going guys but faster please. Thanks.


The are lots of ways to help other than coding for anyone who wants to. Very soon there will be installed to test and evaluate, the is a newsletter to write, The wiki to check over and improve. Etc etc

Anyone who wants to get involved just put up your hand and I’m sure there are folks he who will be keen to have your help.


I would not mind being involved in the test and evaluate. I have both Windows 7 Ultimate with Ubuntu (dual boot) on my main computer and on my other computer I have Win 7 Ultimate and Linux Mint 17. Just recently got started with Linux so by no means and expert but if I can help that would be okay.



Yeah Kim should definitely work together with MaidSafe.

Kim can bring a huge loyal community (and his + their funding) and personal stories (good press) to the table, while

MaidSafe can bring the true, direct, and cohesive vision (and heaps of finished code!!) and the dev team to the table.

This could be a match made in heaven :slight_smile: they have exactly what the other side needs, and exactly the same goals.

Get in contact!!

Kim doesn’t respect intellectual property rights, doesn’t support open source software, and doesn’t share in the equity or profits from any of his enterprises, which operate as closely held private corporations.

To think he would help Maidsafe is naive.


Yeah lol I am known to be guilty of that at times

A lot of these projects have these same goals. Ethereum community is also working on decentralized storage, StorJ is as well. So many people with the same goals but maybe a slightly different vision on how to make things work. I think that the Maidsafe community will grow like magic when the 1.0 is launched. No need for big names to promote it (although welcome). I believe when all is live we will see bridges from on to another.


Kim Dotcom’s Meganet could be a nice complement with the SAFE network if it can avoid using IP addresses. If I understand correctly, one would need to use the internet to connect to the SAFE network and hence, it is possible to know who’s using SAFE or not unless something like TOR is also used. It’s also why having a easily scalable mesh network would be important to ensure 100% anonymity. Meganet could be a sophisticated form of a mesh network.

I’ll looking forward to learning more of the details about Meganet.

Thanks for all the replies. I think Kim did mention the use of Block Chains in as interview with Max Keiser recently, I think that is to do with the way Bitcoin works but do not know enough about it come to any conclusion. Maybe David could just have a quiet chat with Kim so that the two network could connect at some point. But like someone said Maidsafe is way down the track and as soon as a working version one hits the net all bets would be off.

Yes indeed. I hear people talking on other forums about Maidsafe and most of them want to see the thing goes live first. They don’t really get/trust the group consensus so far. Want to see a tesnet with a lot of nodes working, people attacking the system etc. So When David speaks to Kim Diocom, he will also ask for a testnet first. Here on the forum, we’re more focused on this project, probably understand the details a bit more, like Sentinel etc. I think internet will go wild when they see a testnet up and running with farming, storage etc. Think Maidsafe will blow a lot of people’s minds. But we have to wait a few more weeks for that :slight_smile:

TOR also uses IP addresses, but they are obfuscated through multiple hops between two communicating systems. The same is true for SAFE, all information is routed through the Kademlia-like distributed hash table, which means you’re not directly communicating by IP, except for communication with your close group (your first hop).

It won’t be obvious that you’re using SAFE by looking at the traffic. SAFE will support both TCP and uTP, on randomized ports. The payload of those packets will be fully encrypted. There won’t be an obvious signature, especially not as a client, just a lot of encrypted traffic.

I think the usually easiest way to see if someone is using SAFE is trying to join the network through that node. Turning that option off or having manual control over it will surely be possible though.


Thanks TungSvard for the short and clear and simplified explanation of TOR and SAFE.

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