Keys/Sigs/Registers Questions

I’m thinking about starting another wee Autonomi project, but I have some questions:

  1. What is the status of multi-sig wallets / payments? E.g. 2 of 3, m of n, etc, to only make a payment when all parties agree.
  2. Can data maps be signed to prove who published it? I.e. for public data that must be proven to be authentic.
  3. Is a user’s public key stored/published somewhere, currently? If not, is there a convention planned? I’d like to be able to encrypt data to a different user and/or confirm they published some data.
  4. Can registers be used to accurately store past values as well as the current value? The CLI suggests only the current value is stored, but the code suggests more. It would be great to confirm this.

This probably belongs on the dev forum, but it doesn’t seem to be active (I know devs are busy, etc…).


I can answer 4: yes, my demo uses this for publishing and browsing past versions.

I plan to inflict it on more people when we have a new stable testnet.

I’m also interested in the answer to the other questions, particularly signing data.


Any other thoughts from the devs? Maybe I should just explore the source code! :sweat_smile: