Unpublished data types - multiuser environment?

I was just wondering if the Unpublished data types should mirror the Published… and why there was not obviously an UnpublishedSafeKey - which like the seed for all good thought in the early morning, might be a daft idea. :crazy_face:

In the case that a private organization wanted to do everything, could they not do that within the control of their own unpublished environment… or is the limit of account pass/phrase perhaps not making that practical. Perhaps SafeKeys Unpublished is not useful in any fashion as tokens. :neutral_face:

The good thought that followed was, how will private users share private data with limited other… do they pass that through a shared unpublished account perhaps?

Perhaps any shared unpublished account can only be as secure as the people using it, for the risk that it breaches at any real world access point and leaks. Perhaps the only way to be private, is as an individual?

How might companies function in the SAFE environment? - will they do that in Unpublished with option to switch master pass/phrase as needed to control access or as a controlled access to pieces of unpublished.

So, perhaps the question that follows is how would a multiuser environment work?.. Would that be multisig keys and beyond??